Improve Cyber Resilience

Improve your cyber resilience: Introducing new Cohesity DataHawk capabilities

What happens if cybercriminals find an open port on your network or trick a user into giving them their username and password? All bets are off, and your data is exposed. It may be attacked, encrypted, or extorted for ransom.

Cohesity DataHawk, is our comprehensive data security solution that helps you protect, detect, and recover from cyber-attacks combining threat protection and scanning, ML-based data classification and cyber-vaulting, all in one single Cohesity Data Cloud platform. It’s your first and last line of defense for your data when your network and endpoint security fail

What you will learn:

  • How to detect anomalies and emerging attacks
  • Understand the impact of an attack
  • Assess impact by classifying data to determine if sensitive data was compromised
  • Find out how to recover quickly and with confidence

Test Cohesity Cloud Services for 30 days and subscribe to our “geek speak” webinar, where we discuss the potential of data security & management in a SaaS-based model and get the chance to raise questions with our panel.

Mike Andrews

Mike Andrews
SaaS Technical Lead Cohesity- EMEA

ivan skudin

Ivan Skudin
Senior PSA Storage Partner Segment EMEA

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