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Exploring the Market Landscape for Unstructured Data Management with GigaOm

This free webinar brings together experts in cloud computing and data management, featuring GigaOm analyst Enrico Signoretti and Chris Wiborg, VP of Product Marketing from Cohesity. The discussion will focus on unstructured data management, its benefits, and the key criteria to evaluate a solution for your organization correctly. Unstructured data management enables organizations of all sizes to reduce infrastructure TCO while, at the same time, improving several business aspects and processes, including security, compliance, and productivity.

Why Attend?

In this 1-hour webinar, you will discover:

  • The What, Why and How of unstructured data management
  • How to set expectations around short and long term ROI
  • Key criteria and metrics to make the correct evaluation for your business
  • The role of cloud in managing unstructured data

The goal is to learn about unstructured data management and how to optimize its potential to efficiently manage and gain more value from ever-growing volumes of enterprise data.

Who Should Attend:

  • CTOs
  • IT Architects
  • IT Infrastructure & Operations professionals


  • Enrico Signoretti, Analyst, GigaOm Research
  • Chris Wiborg, VP of Product Marketing, Cohesity
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