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Worried about ransomware?
Don’t react. Respond.

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Devise a strategy to protect your backup data before an attack

With the rising frequency of cyberattacks, organizations of all sizes are increasingly vulnerable to being targeted—and at any point, a malware attack may be imminent.

By the time a security breach is discovered, backup data may already have been contaminated, leaving the organization open to future attacks despite conventional recovery efforts.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need a strategy for rapid coordination and response given the time and resource constraints that exist during an active cyberattack
  • How having an isolated data recovery environment and stress-tested disaster recovery and business continuity plans can benefit your business if a breach occurs
  • Ways to provide actionable intelligence to key stakeholders during an active cyberattack
  • Best practices for operational ransomware incident response, including establishing a ‘known good’ backup

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Peter Hacker Headshot

Peter Hacker
Entrepreneur and Author on the topics of digital change, cyber crime and cyber security

James Blake Headshot

James Blake
EMEA Field Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Colin McMillan Headshot

Colin McMillan
Technical Director, Cisco Security, EMEA

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