Lowering Backup TCO Starts with Knowing Your TCO

Managing backup and recovery complexity is not only hard, it’s costly. Multiple vendors, fragmented hardware and software silos, and cloud gateway installation takes time and expertise. Simplify backup and recovery and save with Cohesity. Improve TCO using one, unified, hyperconverged solution to drive down operating and capital expenses.

Create a quick estimate of your five-year backup and recovery savings with this TCO calculator.

Indicate Your Specifics Below:
How many VMs do you need to backup?

This is the total number of Virtual Machines that needs to be backed up. The calculator assumes 150GB average VM size.

{{vm_sizing.number_of_vm}} VMs
How many physical TB (non-VM) do you need to backup?

This is the total number of TB that you need to protect for non-virtualized applications.

{{physical_sizing.number_of_tb}} TB
Cloud archival: replace tape with Cohesity CloudArchive for long-term retention?

If you select 'No', the calculator won't include any long-term retention costs (no tape or cloud costs). If you select 'Yes', the calculator will include the costs of cloud archival for the Cohesity TCO, and the costs of tape for the conventional backup TCO. Cloud archival costs are the 5-year costs of cloud storage. Tape costs include the costs of the tape library, tape media, and off-site vaulting.

* Cost estimates include capital expenses such as hardware, software licenses, and vendor maintenance. Your total savings may be greater when you factor in operating cost reductions.

TCO Comparison Over 5 Years:
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