The State of Data Security and Management Report 2023

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Were hit by ransomware in the past 6 months

Can you defy these global cyberattack trends?

The second annual State of Data Security and Management Report is based on a 2023 survey of over 3,400 IT and Security Operations (SecOps) decision-makers (split nearly 50/50 between the two groups) commissioned by Cohesity, Tenable, and BigID and conducted by Censuswide. The data security survey polled businesses and organizations in Australia, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States in April 2023.

This year’s survey indicated that cyberattacks are getting worse and becoming more frequent.

Respondents see ways to help thwart cyberattacks and build cyber resilience

87 %

Said vendors should collaborate on integrated anti-ransomware solutions

90 %

Seek security and cyber resilience insights from a data security and management platform

Areas for improvement

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80% weren’t sure their organization’s cyber resilience strategy could address today’s challenges.


71% claimed it would take more than four days to restore data and business processes, and 90% said they’d consider paying a ransom to recover or recover faster.


74% said their company has cyber insurance, but 46% said it’s harder to get a policy today than it was three years ago.

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