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3 Ways Modern Backup Supports Your Business During Uncertain Times

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Your data volume will continue to grow, even as your organizational operating environment changes in response to macro conditions. While particularly important during uncertain times, lowering TCO, keeping essential operations functioning smoothly and decreasing risk are always best practices. A simple and secure modern backup solution can help boost your organizational preparedness while supporting your IT efficiency, data recovery, and compliance goals.

Traditional backup and recovery environments are often a patchwork of point products. They require you to deploy and overprovision unnecessary parallel infrastructure that is complex and expensive to operate. Additionally, data silos and lack of global dedupe leads to a larger data footprint and attack surface that cybercriminals can exploit. In contrast, a modern backup and recovery solution

  • Eliminates infrastructure silos by consolidating multiple data sources on a single softwaredefined platform.
  • Reduces unnecessary data copies by deploying advanced techniques such as global, variablelength sliding-window dedupe and compression that result in significantly reducing your
    TCO burden.
  • Features a scale-out architecture with an easy, pay-as-you-grow model that future-proofs your
    investments and avoids trapping you into overprovisioning expensive proprietary hardware.

Data sprawl across siloed environments has led to mass data fragmentation and frustrated IT staff who have to manage many point-product UIs—none providing complete data visibility. Disruptive upgrades and slow backups bleeding into production windows negatively impacts operations. And modern data sources such as distributed databases, Kubernetes, and SaaS apps only add complexity. A web-scale solution makes better business sense for a variety of reasons.

  • Simplify operations by making previously fragmented data easily and securely manageable, searchable and shareable in one logical place
  • Trade forklift upgrades for nondisruptive software updates and expansion to address evolving requirements, keeping valuable IT resources focused on improving SLAs.
  • Protect traditional and modern data sources, and manage them through a single, global user interface.
  • Cut downtime while enabling flexible, rapid recovery through a distributed architecture, parallel ingest, and fully hydrated snapshots.

Amidst global uncertainty, cybercriminals still remain active.Your organization can defend against increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks targeting backups with one comprehensive data management platform. Choose a solution with built-in cybersecurity capabilities that helps:

  • Protect your backup from becoming a ransomware target through a multi-layered approach, including snapshot immutability, WORM, role-based access control, multi-factor authentication, and features in-flight and at-rest encryption safeguards.
  • Proactively look for vulnerabilities in your production environment to help prevent, and in turn, detect potential ransomware attacks in progress through machine learning.
  • Reduce your downtime with instant restore at scale.

Modern backup and recovery from Cohesity immediately reduces your TCO, simplifies ongoing operations, and defends your business against cyberattacks - all of which support your business continuity plans so you can be prepared for whatever comes next.

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