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So Many Silos, So Little Time

Legacy backup and recovery can take hours, even days, while upgrades disrupt your business with downtime. Neither is acceptable in today’s competitive, fast-paced world. Fragmented systems, data silos, and multiple point solutions add complexity, slow operations, and dilute the benefits of adopting cloud. Your dynamic business demands a more efficient, enterprise-class approach to backup and recovery

Web-Scale Backup and Recovery

Cohesity simplifies enterprise data protection by converging backup, recovery, archiving and long-term retention, replication, and disaster recovery onto a single, cloud-native platform. The unified, scale-out, hyperconverged solution eliminates legacy data protection silos and reduces IT management burdens with a single UI and policy-based automation. Its software-defined architecture delivers the speed, agility, and reliability you need from the data center to cloud to modernize backup and recovery on your journey to digital transformation.

Simplify, Scale, and Save with Cohesity

Modernize backup and recovery in the data center and cloud with Cohesity. Move your IT team closer to achieving its new mandate to reduce, improve, and accelerate IT operations. Remove silos while speeding RPOs and data recovery. Easily scale to meet tight SLAs and always accommodate capacity demand with just-right resources. Reduce high-cost maintenance and say goodbye to annual tune ups.

Eliminate Silos and Complexity

Cohesity’s one platform is all you need to backup many workloads, reach recovery objectives faster, and avoid forklift upgrades. Streamline management with an intuitive user interface.

Meet Ever-Changing Requirements

From the core to the cloud and edge, Cohesity’s software-defined solution doesn’t lock in you or your data. Efficiently scale-out and pay as you grow. Upgrade without downtime.

Better Protect with Automation

Cohesity lets you set policies with strict SLAs for every backup job, including frequency, scheduling and more. Replace manual updates with agentless backup, saving IT time and headaches.

Simplified Backup and Recovery

See how a modern, software-defined solution, helps to simplify your data protection and should disaster strike, puts you back in control by instantly recovering all your applications and data to any point in time.

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Instant Mass Recovery in Minutes, Not Days

Cohesity has expertly combined a half-dozen capabilities associated with disparate backup and storage vendors into one easy-to-manage, web-scale platform that's simple, flexible, and fast. Keep innovation on track. Rapidly conduct a global search when needed because of a storm or malicious attack, and instantly bring back up your dynamic business--at scale.

Unparalleled Recovery Times

Fast, parallel data ingest together with Cohesity zero-cost snapshots and clones ensures recovery point objectives in minutes.

Rapid Granular Search and Recovery

Google-like, wild-card search instantly locates VMs and files. Cohesity recovers individual VMs, restore files to source VMs, and recovers individual application objects.

Restore to Any Point

Patented Cohesity SnapTree® technology stores each backup as a fully hydrated snap, supporting instant large-scale application restoration to any point in time.

Automated Compliance

Cohesity improves IT’s ability to meet SLAs, using automation to set policies that speed RPOs from days to minutes. Customize policies to fit unique business requirements.

High Performance, Enterprise-Class Infrastructure

Consolidate all your backup infrastructure. Trust Cohesity to revolutionize backup and recovery in your environment. Replace traditional, expensive, insurance-policy systems with a single, hyperconverged platform that cuts costs by 50%.

True Global Deduplication

Cohesity uniquely dedupes across clusters, workloads, and protocols. Global, inline variable-length block deduplication optimizes capacity efficiency and dramatically reduces your data center footprint.

Strict Consistency

Cohesity provides strict consistency at scale, guaranteeing users always see the most current data, and data is protected as soon as it’s written. Avoid “file-not-found” errors while gaining resiliency at scale.

Always Available

In competitive marketplaces, there’s no time--and now no excuse--for downtime. Cohesity makes non-disruptive rolling updates easy by ensuring IT can introduce nodes to existing clusters with no impact on production.

Broad Application and Infrastructure Support

Cohesity supports vSphere, Hyper-V, AHV, and KVM virtual workloads, and SQL and Oracle databases, as well as protects storage devices from Pure Storage, Dell EMC Isilon, and generic NAS devices.

Flexible Scale-Out Model

Cohesity delivers scale-out backup and recovery infrastructure--all in a limitless, pay-as-you-grow model so enterprises never have to overprovision again.

Cloud First Design

Policy-based automated archiving, tiering, and replication to cloud from Cohesity ensures IT can take advantage of public clouds’ elasticity and economic benefits. Cohesity supports integration with all leading public clouds, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, for easy and rapid scaling without a bolt-on cloud gateway.

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Get More From Your Data

Cohesity ensures your enterprise data and infrastructure is optimized. Your backup data should not just be used when disaster strikes but help achieve operational efficiency by making the data productive. Accelerate your application development while gaining valuable insights into your data.

Instant Clones

With enterprise backup on one platform, your developers can be more productive. Cohesity enables IT to Instantly provision zero-cost clones, eliminating the copying of data from storage silos for developers.

Compliance Simplified

Cohesity searches file data for potential regulatory and compliance violations. Beyond metadata indexing, let Cohesity run custom queries to find information, including personally identifiable information (PII), legacy eDiscovery data, and GDPR red flags.

Cohesity is a new disruptor, one that offers a ‘have your cake and eat it too’ approach to modernizing data recovery

Jason Buffington, Principal Analyst, ESG

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As a financial institution, we utilize technology to provide the best experience possible for our customers and users, and have strict enterprise data backup and recovery requirements. Cohesity is a cut above all other solutions and provided a scale-out solution for simplified disaster recovery and application availability. Where previous backup solutions took five days, Cohesity performed the same operation in just over a minute.

Jon McFarland, System Administrator, 1st Security Bank of Washington

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