Cohesity Gaia combines generative AI with your own enterprise data

Unlock data insights by bringing retrieval augmented generation (RAG) AI and large language models (LLMs) to enterprise data within Cohesity. Ask natural language questions and get context-rich answers.

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Improve decision-making speed and accuracy

Gain insights from your enterprise data with intuitive, AI-powered question and answer search experiences—all using your high-quality backup data within Cohesity.

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Accelerate generative AI initiatives

Consolidate enterprise data and make it available for AI initiatives—securely—in minutes or hours, not weeks or months. Our scale-out, globally deduplicated, highly available platform makes it possible.

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Streamline compliance and risk management

Secure and protect the privacy of data used by both AI models and the workforce—so the right data is exposed only to the right people (and models) with the right privileges. Our responsible AI framework underpins this commitment.

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Unlock insights from your data

Our natural language, generative AI capabilities harness the potential of your backup data to deliver meaningful insights and learnings.

A RAG engine for your enterprise data

Connect your data to Cohesity Gaia in any format from Cohesity-managed backups. Cohesity Gaia vectorizes the data, creating a baseline for answering questions on your enterprise data.

AI-powered conversational search UI

Start having a conversation with your data. Using common language, ask questions about your data and dig deeper into datasets.

Context-rich answers

Generate answers and insights based on questions about your enterprise data. Cohesity Gaia uses RAG AI to give more accurate answers, streamlining the compliance investigation process.

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Demo: Streamline compliance investigative research with RAG AI

Compliance and legal teams need a simple, intuitive way to quickly search enterprise data to identify compliance risks, such as a sensitive data breach in email. See how Cohesity Gaia and RAG AI can streamline data forensics.

Learn more about RAG AI and conversational search

Generative AI uses algorithms to generate new content (written content, images, video, audio, and computer code, etc.) based on user input. Unlike earlier versions of AI, generative AI can create new content, like news articles, poetry, or cyber threat analyses, presented in a conversational UI.

Responsible AI is an approach to developing and deploying artificial intelligence (AI) from both an ethical and legal point of view. The goal of responsible AI is to employ AI in a safe, trustworthy, and ethical fashion.

Retrieval augmented generation (RAG) AI searches information from large datasets, and uses AI techniques to retrieve the most relevant results matching the intent of the user’s query.

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