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"Cohesity’s scale-out, data management platform allowed us to build a true software-defined data center. With DataPlatform and DataProtect, we pulled the intelligence in the software layer and were able to simplify our overall IT operations."

Bradley Wilton, IT Direktor, Valley Proteins, Inc.


Businesses need to tackle their mass data fragmentation issues and flip it on its head. Understanding your data and where it's located is a critical step in turning it from a headache into a competitive asset.

Mike O'Rourke, Director of IT, Lighthouse Resources


"We're pleased with what we’ve seen so far in early testing and how the service could be a nice complement to the data management capabilities we’ve already deployed from Cohesity."

Mike Graff, Infrastructure Architecture Director, Dolby Laboratories


"After testing DataProtect delivered as a Service we can see how the offering can expand and simplify data management at regional/edge locations for us and give IT staff the ability to focus on other tasks. From a strategic standpoint, there is tremendous potential in a comprehensive DMaaS solution that addresses a range of use cases from disaster recovery, to security, to compliance, and provides the ability to use cloud services to get even more value from data."

Oded Haner, SVP of Technology, Franklin Templeton

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