High-density appliance

Cohesity C6000 Series is a dense hybrid hyperconverged storage appliance that supports up to 168TB per appliance. Ideal for data protection, backup target, and file and object use cases, the C6000 augments the current C4000 Series platform with extended capacity and optimization for NAS deployments at scale.

The Cohesity DataPlatform runs on all C6000 Series models to deliver unlimited scalability, single UI, leading deduplication, software-based encryption, enterprise search, and powerful cybersecurity.

Large workload scale-out

Get support for archival and storage of petabytes of data. Our web-scale architecture provides unlimited scale-out and non-disruptive upgrades.

Optimized capacity

The C6000 eliminates the need for forklift expansions to address current and future file storage needs.

Design for consolidation

Provides compute and storage capacity to consolidate. Converge data protection, file services, object storage, dev/test, and analytics data on a single platform. Minimize data movement and bring compute to the data.

Pay as you grow

Choose how and when you scale your archive or replication target. No more prepaying for anticipated growth or incurring the costs of forklift upgrades for traditional appliances. Start small and scale.

Best economics

The C6000 is a dense HDD and SSD configuration in a compact 1U form factor. You’ll get the best dollar-per-terabyte value.

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