VMworld Season Comes to a Close

September 19, 2017

Industry News

Another VMworld season has come and gone. In a window of three weeks the team has traveled from all over the world to Las Vegas and then converged on Barcelona to close out another amazing year at VMworld. Here were some of the highlight over the last few weeks: The LARGEST game board at VMworld!… Read More >

VMworld 2017 Las Vegas – The Recap

September 7, 2017

Industry News

As a VMware and VMworld veteran, I have to begin this article by simply saying WOW! This VMworld felt, and it looked different than previous. There was an infectious excitement and energy in the air that pretty much grabbed hold of everyone in attendance. Last week was full of announcements from just about every vendor… Read More >

The Sights and Sounds of Cohesity at VMworld: Day 1 + 2 Adventure

August 29, 2017

Company Announcements

VMworld is one of the largest virtualization conferences in the world. With over 20,000+ attendees, VMworld has created their own microcosmic universe. This is Cohesity’s third VMworld and each year we bring something new and bigger than the last! This year started off with our popular Press Your Luck game. As I thought it couldn’t… Read More >

Sub-15 Minute Datacenter Recovery for VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF): Joint Solution from the Hyperconverged Juggernauts

August 27, 2017

Products, TechTalks

The evolution of the enterprise data center is happening now, and it’s being led by the principals and advancements of hyperconverged solutions. In the era of public and private cloud based architectures, organizations are looking to implement the operational efficiencies, availability, and recoverability capabilities of public clouds into their private cloud infrastructures. Unfortunately, for years enterprise organizations… Read More >

Advanced Microsoft SQL Database Cloning for Test/Dev Workflows

August 25, 2017


Many Cohesity customers have been using Cohesity’s advanced Microsoft SQL Server data protection tools to safeguard their data. Many customers have expressed interest in leveraging the data protection copies for test and dev workflows to minimize the sprawl of data copies while keeping developers working on latest versions of production data. Additionally, customers have requested… Read More >

High Density Storage Appliance for Unstructured Workloads

August 21, 2017


Recently, fragmented and siloed secondary storage began a major transformation. Bringing web-scale principles to enterprise secondary storage, Cohesity is fundamentally changing how organizations consolidate, manage and utilize their secondary data. Now we, the Cohesians, are super excited to further fuel the revolution that we started, by introducing Cohesity C3000. The C3000 provides the industry’s highest… Read More >

Internship Program: From Cohesity Thrive to Cohesian

August 18, 2017


Times goes so fast as an intern at Cohesity. Through this program I learned so much, not only digital marketing skills, but also valuable work experience my mentor has shared with me. August means the end of the summer internship program, but not the end of building connections with Cohesians. Entrepreneurial Journey by Mohit Aron… Read More >

Cohesity’s Journey to VMworld 2017

August 11, 2017

Industry News

Well, it’s about that time of the year again, the time when one of the most progressive and innovative technology eco-systems in the industry, come together to showcase the evolution and transformation of IT in the enterprise business world. VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas is less than 20 days away and all of the IT… Read More >

Instant Recovery for unlimited VMs, to any point in time, on a distributed, resilient data store

August 10, 2017

Products, TechTalks

Cohesity DataProtect allows our users to easily protect their VM environments (such as VMware, Hyper-V etc) using converged data protection and simple policy-based automation. Our distributed scheduler automatically uses all the available nodes on the Cohesity cluster to parallelize the backups and maximize efficiency, thereby providing low recovery point objectives (RPO). Another unique feature of… Read More >

Cohesity SpanFS and SnapTree®

August 9, 2017


At Cohesity, we are on a mission to redefine secondary storage. We believe that legacy storage solutions such as traditional dedupe appliances, backup software, and NAS can’t keep up with the needs of the modern enterprise. Enterprises must manage rapidly increasing data volumes – projected to increase from 6 Zettabytes in 2016 to 93 Zettabytes… Read More >