Cohesity FortKnox

Ransomware resiliency with highly secure, SaaS-based data isolation.

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Protect Data From Ransomware

“Virtual air gap” provides an extra layer of protection for backup data with isolation and hardened security.

Comprehensive Security: Beyond Zero Trust
Safeguard data with multilayered Cohesity Threat Defense Architecture - native-immutability, WORM/Amazon S3 Object Lock, zero-trust principles, detection and analytics.

ML-based Early Ransomware Detection
Leverage machine learning algorithms to detect anomalous backup snapshots and respond rapidly.

Amplify Existing Controls
Integrations to SIEM, SOAR, KMS and more to leverage and amplify existing security investments.


SaaS Efficiency

FortKnox provides simple and immediate protection for ransomware defense.

Rapid Implementation and Lower Costs
Fast implementation without overhead through a single SaaS solution for ransomware detection, protection, recovery and diagnostics.

Flexible Recovery
Slash complexity and meet demanding SLAs with recovery of data to the original or an alternate location, including cloud.

Ease of Use
Monitor global data vaults and scan for anomalous snapshots with a single UI.

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Rapid and Efficient Recovery

Quickly identify best recovery options to meet demanding recovery SLA requirements.

Flexible Recovery
Recover whole volumes or specific files and objects quickly and easily while ensuring the integrity of the data has not been compromised.

Confident Recovery
Easily and confidently identify an untainted copy of data for recovery in case backup data is attacked or lost due to disaster.

Leverage Existing Investments
Organizations can quickly bring additional malware and vulnerability scanning by existing solutions to satisfy SLAs.


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Project Fortknox: A new SaaS offering designed to provide an additional layer of protection and rapid recovery from ransomware.

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