Cyber vaulting and recovery for the modern era

FortKnox is a SaaS data isolation and recovery solution that improves cyber resiliency with an immutable copy of data in a Cohesity-managed cloud vault. FortKnox provides an additional layer of protection against ransomware and other cybersecurity threats while dramatically simplifying operations and lowering costs, preparing organizations to recover confidently from attacks.

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Protection against cyber threats

FortKnox Threat Protection
Beyond Zero Trust icon

Comprehensive security: Beyond Zero Trust

Safeguard data with multilayered Cohesity Threat Defense Architecture—with immutability, WORM, access control, quorum, Cohesity-managed KMS, threat detection, and more.

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ML-based early threat detection

Leverage machine learning algorithms to detect anomalous backup snapshots and respond rapidly.

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Amplify existing security tools

Leverage and extend existing security investments with integrations to SIEM, SOAR, KMS, and more.

Analyst report

Cohesity named a Leader again!

2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions

SaaS simplicity

All of the security. None of the complexity. Simply connect, vault, and recover.

Rapid implementation and shared responsibility

Slash complexity and costs of “DIY” approaches and meet demanding SLAs with a single, trusted cloud service for data vaulting and recovery. No additional cloud storage or egress costs.

More choice and cost savings

Cloud providers, recovery SLAs, and budgets vary for every organization. Choose between FortKnox warm and cold vaults on AWS or Microsoft Azure to select the option that best suits your business needs.

Ease of use

Monitor global data vaults and scan for anomalous snapshots with a single UI.

FortKnox cloud vault

Rapid and efficient recovery

Meet demanding recovery SLAs without compromising on security or accessibility.

FortKnox Rapid Recovery
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Flexible recovery

Recover data quickly and easily to the original or to an alternate location, including public or private cloud.

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Confident recovery

Easily and confidently identify an untainted copy of data for recovery in case backup data is attacked or lost due to disaster.

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Granular recovery

Recover whole volumes or specific files and objects quickly and easily, while ensuring the integrity of the data.


Citizen Potawatomi Nation protects its data—and heritage—with Cohesity FortKnox

Citizen Potawatomi Nation Video Thumbnail
Forsyth County Schools Color Logo

With FortKnox, even if our backups become encrypted, we will still have a secure and clean version in cold storage that we could use to quickly restore our operations.”

Curt Godwin Headshot

Curt Godwin

Network Operations Coordinator, Forsyth County Schools

Eastern Company Color Logo

We (then) formulated a meticulous policy to either replicate or transfer the data from our on-prem setup to Cohesity FortKnox, a virtual air-gapped data isolation and recovery solution. This step was crucial in keeping our data physically isolated from the network, making it inaccessible to online threats.”

Hossam El-Morshedy

General Manager of Infrastructure and Cloud Computing, Eastern Company

HIG Capital Logo

We don’t need to spend time on the nuts and bolts of backing up in the cloud because Cohesity FortKnox does it for us. I also recommend FortKnox to the companies we invest in to help them work smarter while strengthening security. A single product that can do both of those things is a winner.”

Luis Suarez Headshot

Luis Suarez

Chief Information Officer, H.I.G. Capital


With Cohesity, we can answer ‘yes’ to new requirements for cybersecurity insurance – yes, we have immutable backups, keep a copy in the cloud, use MFA, and require multiple administrators to approve changes to backups. Without those capabilities our insurance premiums would be much higher, if we could get insurance at all."

Matt Logan, Pearl River College

Matt Logan

CIO, Pearl River Community College

Master Group logo

We already had good data protection from Cohesity on-prem backups. FortKnox adds another safeguard – an air-gapped backup we can restore from in the unlikely event both of our other copies are breached. It’s fast: we restored a 20 GB VM in just two minutes.”

François Lepage, The Master Group

François Lepage

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Manager, The Master Group

Potawatomi Color Logo

Cohesity FortKnox on AWS is the easiest way to maintain a secure offsite backup as part of a 3-2-1 strategy. It’s much simpler and less expensive than assigning our own staff to set up and maintain storage at a remote site or in the cloud.”

Christopher Abel Headshot

Christopher Abel

CIO, Citizen Potawatomi Nation

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Defend against ransomware attacks with comprehensive data security and management capabilities, including immutable backup snapshots, AI-based early detection, threat detection, user behavior logging, and rapid recovery at scale.


Protect and recover against ransomware with threat protection, cyber vaulting, and ML-powered data classification—by identifying threats, assessing attack impact, and confidently recovering critical data.

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Commonly asked questions about cyber vaulting

A cyber vault is an offsite copy of data that’s isolated physically and logically from the primary and backup copies to act as an added layer of protection against ransomware and other cyber threats. It usually has many security features to prevent access to and tampering with vault data.

Data isolation is the best practice of physically, logically, and operationally separating a copy of data from the primary copy to act as a backup in case of data loss or a cybersecurity attack.

Cyber vaulting helps provide a clean “gold” copy of data for recovery in case of data loss or a security breach—such as ransomware—that compromises the primary data. It may also help secure cybersecurity insurance and fulfill governance and compliance requirements.

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