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Cohesity SmartFiles

The smartest way to optimize cost, scale, and efficiency for your unstructured data. Manage, secure, and do more with your data with next-level software-defined file and object services for the hybrid cloud.

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Hybrid cloud flexibility

Massive, seamless scale with software-defined simplicity and broad flexibility to deploy on-premises, at the edge, or in your cloud of choice.

Natively multiprotocol

A unified solution for file and object workloads, with native support for NFS, SMB, and S3 that ensures broad compatibility across users and applications whether on-prem or in the cloud.

Unified management

One UI to holistically manage, monitor, and search all your unstructured data. Machine learning-driven insights help detect anomalies and predict future needs.

Data silo consolidation

Reduce complexity by consolidating file and object data from archives, backups, apps, NAS, cloud, IoT, analytics, and more.

Built-in cloud archiving

Easily archive and rapidly recover file and object snapshots securely from an isolated repository in the public cloud, using native cloud archiving capability.

Intelligent data management

Save time and money with simple, efficient, and powerful data management and insights.

Global space efficiency

Achieve as much as 96x data reduction or more based on industry-leading capacity efficiency that’s guaranteed through global cross-volume deduplication and advanced compression technologies.

Automated lifecycle management

Your data, at the right place, right time, and right cost. Policy-based control over hot, warm, or cold data for automatic down-tiering or up-tiering to any location or cloud.

Smart data tiering

Reduce cost and optimize efficiency for your primary workloads and NAS solutions. Create policies to automatically tier or offload aging data from high-performance NAS to SmartFiles.

Durability preservation

Always-on background processes across all nodes automatically detect and rapidly repair corrupted data.

Active threat defense

A multilayered approach allowing quick response and recovery from emerging cyber and ransomware threats.

Encryption and key management

Fortify datasets with software-based data-at-rest and data-in-flight encryption. Allow SmartFiles to manage your encryption keys with built-in key management, or use your own key management system.

Ransomware detection and recovery

SmartFiles provides AI-based threat intelligence to identify attacks and sudden changes in data over time, while dramatically accelerating recovery from unlimited immutable recovery points. Cohesity DataHawk also provides powerful ML-based detection of suspicious behaviors that could be indicators of a cyberattack, data exfiltration, or an internal bad actor.

Immutable by design

Mitigate cyberthreats and ransomware attacks with unlimited immutable snapshots and file and object-level WORM support. Securely vault your business critical snapshots to the cloud via integration with Cohesity FortKnox SaaS service.

Multilayered authentication

Protect your data from malicious users and human error with multi-factor authentication and role-based access control. Quorum authentication also provides an extra layer of protection by requiring approval by a predefined group of administrators for all sensitive and privileged operations.

Do more with data

Your data is a renewable resource. Put your data to work with integrated Marketplace apps.

Vulnerability assessment

Uncover cyber exposures and blind spots within your production environment. Simply assess risks and meet stringent security and compliance requirements.

Integrated virus detection

Protect your critical business data with integrated antivirus scanning on the same platform where your data resides.

Global search and indexing

Get instant actionable search results across global file content and metadata. Easily identify sensitive and PII data across your unstructured data sets.

File audit and anomaly detection

Detect and get alerted on file-access patterns. Search audit and access logs to take proactive actions. Gain better visibility into and control over your data.

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Organizations can lower their expected total cost of storage ownership by up to 51% with SmartFiles versus continuing to operate their siloed storage deployments.

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Optimize your storage capacity with Cohesity SmartFiles—guaranteed

If SmartFiles doesn’t provide greater capacity efficiency than your existing NAS solution, we’ll pay the difference.

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