Cohesity SmartFiles

Software-defined file and object services with next-level intelligence, scalability, and efficiency.

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Scale Without Limits

Software-defined simplicity that is data centric, not storage or infrastructure centric.

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Natively Multiprotocol

Support for NFS, SMB, and S3 ensures broad compatibility across users and applications whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Unique Distributed File System

Ensures resiliency and consistency while eliminating disruptive upgrades.

Linear Performance and Capacity

Grow at your own pace by incrementally adding additional nodes.

Optimize Efficiency

Reduced cost and complexity that typically lowers your TCO by 50 percent or more.

Global Space Efficiency

Sliding window variable-length dedupe, Zstandard compression, and small file efficiency combine to deliver industry-leading capacity efficiency - guaranteed.

Heterogeneous Cluster Support

Rightsize your environment to balance performance, capacity, and density with support for a range of certified platforms.

External NAS Tiering

Coexist with your existing systems and create policies that transparently down-tier and up-tier data to optimize spend.

Easy to Operate

One UI to manage, monitor, and search all your unstructured data. Machine-driven operational insights help predict future needs.

Do More with Data

Eliminate the need for additional ICAP infrastructure with integrated applications.

Smartfiles Do More With Data

Integrated Virus Detection

Run antivirus operations on the same platform that houses and indexes your data.

Global Search and File/VM Indexing

Get instant global actionable search results across petabytes of data. Identify PII across everything under management.

File Audit and Anomaly Detection

Detect and get alerted on file-access patterns. Search audit and access logs to take proactive actions. Gain better visibility into and control over your data.

Optimize Your Storage Capacity With Cohesity SmartFiles — Guaranteed

If SmartFiles doesn’t provide greater capacity efficiency than your existing NAS solution, we’ll pay the difference.

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Smartfiles Guarantee


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