Recover instantly

Instantly recover hundreds of files, objects, and VMs at scale across your entire data landscape. Reduce recovery time objectives (RTO) to mere minutes.

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Immutable protection

Confidently protect all your critical business and application data against cyber threats and outages with unlimited immutable snapshots and enterprise-level security and encryption.

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Simple recovery

Bounce back from severe attacks with minimal effort. Eliminate downtime and avoid paying ransom with rapid recovery for all your data, including virtual machines and databases.

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Instant access

Put file shares/NAS, VMs, and databases instantly back online from cloned backups, and access them immediately without having to move or restore data. Exceed SLAs and get back to business fast.

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Instant and rapid recovery

Just because you have a backup solution in place doesn’t guarantee your organization can recover. Your backup data must be easily accessible and clean. That’s why you need a modern solution that delivers simple, predictable, and rapid recovery at scale.

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Use cases

Do more with your data

Stop thinking about backups as just an insurance policy. The Cohesity Data Cloud lets you do more with your data, so you can thwart ransomware, simplify operations, and derive insights for a competitive boost.

Ransomware recovery

Whether it’s virtual machines, databases, or files, refuse the ransom and instantly recover clean data to any point in time and location—without having to move data or wait for slow restores to complete.

Disaster recovery

Reduce operational complexity, maintain business continuity, and surpass your recovery SLAs with instant recovery to just moments before the disaster.

Development and testing

Make backup data instantly available to empower development, simplify testing, and accelerate innovation without impacting production.

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Our organization suffered a critical ransomware attack, effectively crippling our entire infrastructure. With Cohesity, we’ve been able to recover machines and file shares, verify they’re clean, and bring the applications back online.

Sam Stewart, Sky Lakes Medical Headshot

Sam Stewart

Network Systems Analyst, Sky Lakes Medical Center

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Cohesity’s instant recovery enabled us to retrieve all of our data from the ransomware attack in under three hours. Without Cohesity, we would have had to pay the ransom to get our data back.”

Sirawut Chanthasangsawang

Sirawut Chanthasangsawang

SVP of System Information Technology, Origin Property Public Company Limited

Westlotto logo

With Cohesity, our IT team is able to concentrate on applications and availability for our customers, not on backup and restore. Cohesity’s technology and its ease of use convinced us to change providers. We are very happy with our new system and we are looking to expand the number of VMs backed up by Cohesity."

Dr. Frank Wallow

Head of IT, WestLotto


Cohesity can help us recover from a large-scale outage affecting thousands of virtual machines within hours—compared to weeks or months with our legacy system. Recovering hundreds of virtual machines after a failed operating system patch now takes minutes instead of weeks."

Guru Vasudeva, Nationwide

Guru Vasudeva

SVP and CTO, Infrastructure and Operations, Nationwide


We tested Cohesity against all our requirements—backup, restore, search and data deduplication—and it ticked all the boxes. It made backup really simple for us. Now, when we go out to do a restore, my team can just use a browser to search for the name of the file to restore, locate it, and restore it. The resource is there for no more than five minutes,"

Ban Ch’ng

Senior IT Manager, William Buck

Commonly asked questions about rapid recovery

Rapid recovery ensures that your users and applications can quickly regain access to backup data after a natural or cyber disruption. Ideally, businesses should be able to recover without downtime or data loss.

Cohesity allows many different data sources (not just files) to be restored instantly—including virtual machines, large databases, and massive volumes of unstructured data—to any point in time and location.

Rapidly recovering your data at scale requires a modern and cost-effective solution that provides:

  • Unlimited immutable snapshots so your data remains protected for as long as your business needs it
  • Ransomware and anomaly detection to help ensure you always restore clean copies of data, saving you time and headaches with potential reinfections and additional restores
  • Granular recovery points so all your data, including files, virtual machines, and databases can be rolled back instantly and at scale to just moments before the outage, minimizing data loss and maximizing productivity
  • The ability to safely access and start using backup data instantly by mounting zero cost clones directly from your servers and applications

Traditional backup and recovery solutions require data to be physically restored and moved from the backup location to the source location before that data can be accessed and used. When you’re dealing with large amounts of data across multiple sites, which is typical in enterprise organizations, this process can be slow and tedious—sometimes taking days or even weeks.

Rapid recovery allows instant access to backup data at scale without having to move the data or waiting for slow restore processes to complete.

A solution that offers rapid recovery is crucial to protecting the business against disasters and cyber threats like ransomware. Rapid recovery dramatically reduces downtime and allows organizations to avoid paying ransom to regain access to their data.

A data security and management solution that offers rapid recovery increases cyber resiliency for your business by helping you:

  • Avoid data loss and downtime by giving you instant access to backup data without having to wait for restores to complete
  • Prevent financial disaster by allowing you to quickly recover your data and applications without having to pay ransom
  • Achieve regulatory compliance by helping ensure your data is secure, immutable, and available for as long as your business needs it
  • Maximize productivity and business continuity by allowing your users to continue accessing the application data they need without missing a beat
  • Maintain a competitive advantage by keeping your most critical data safe and minimizing downtime—with powerful capabilities to instantly repurpose backup data for analytics, development, and testing purposes
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