Cohesity Turing makes it easier and safer to bring AI to your data

AI is only as good as the data used with ML, LLM, and NLP. Cohesity Turing makes it easier for organizations to create AI-ready data that’s secure and available, when needed. Whether you’re searching data over decades for patterns, conversational reporting, or autonomous monitoring and remediation of issues, Turing unlocks countless opportunities to harness the potential of your data.

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Responsible AI

Define what data should be shared with your AI models and protect access to it with RBAC controls. Promote transparency and accountability around access and policies.


Data access

Integrate indexed and searchable data securely and easily while helping ensure data is immutable and resilient.

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AI-powered conversational search

Transform data into knowledge and make smarter business decisions faster.

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Demo: Usher in a new era in data security and management with AI

Watch as Gregory Statton, Office of the CTO - Data & AI, talks about Cohesity's vision for AI, including helping customers reduce their time to action through Operational Insights. He also shows the advancements in search and discovery using retrieval augmented generation (RAG) to drive rich conversations with data.

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Retrieval augmented generation (RAG) AI in action

Start having a conversation with your data. Using common language, ask questions about your data and await responses. Ask follow-up questions, dig deeper into datasets, and let Cohesity Gaia support more in-depth data analysis.

Conversational data

Use natural language to create queries that can unlock deep learnings and insights hidden in your data.

AI-powered search

Advanced search capabilities, powered by RAG AI technology, can deliver informed answers to questions hidden in your business and application data.

Turning data into knowledge

Gain deep, meaningful insights and learnings into your organization and data.

Conversational search providing insights with Cohesity

Using AI to unlock insights from enterprise data

See our shared vision for how customers of Microsoft and Cohesity can securely use AI to transform data security initiatives.

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With data in multiple countries, locations and subsidiaries, AI capabilities from Cohesity will help unlock data from the current silos to provide business insights and accelerate knowledge at JSR. Cohesity Gaia will help enable our employees to search across all our enterprise data, whether in files, SharePoint, or OneDrive to foster greater innovation for our business.”

Ryan Reed

Ryan Reed

Head of IT Products and Services, JSR Corporation


Cohesity is helping customers get more insights from data by integrating Cohesity’s AI-ready, heavily indexed, fully-hydrated, cached, and easily-searchable data structure with Azure OpenAI.”

Patrick Moorhead

Founder, CEO and Chief Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy

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Vertex AI is one of the best platforms for building, deploying, managing and scaling ML models–and we’re excited that Cohesity is joining our growing open ecosystem to help more customers get value from their data via AI. Cohesity’s excellent data security and management capabilities, combined with Google Cloud’s powerful generative AI and analytics capabilities, will help customers get exceptional insights into their backup and archived data.”

Thomas Kurian

CEO, Google Cloud

More AI use cases for the enterprise

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Sanjay Poonen and Manuvir Das discuss an enterprise AI stack in every cloud.

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How Microsoft LLMs can be used in Cohesity applications

Learn more about responsible AI and data governance

Responsible AI is an approach to developing and deploying artificial intelligence (AI) from both an ethical and legal point of view. The goal of responsible AI is to employ AI in a safe, trustworthy, and ethical fashion.

  • Generative AI uses algorithms to generate new content (written content, images, video, audio, and computer code, etc.) based on user input. Unlike earlier versions of AI, generative AI can create new content, like news articles, poetry, or cyber threat analyses, presented in a conversational UI.
  • Conversational AI mimics human conversation and speech using techniques such as NLP and transformers to generate personalized responses.
  • Cognitive AI uses techniques such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to mimic human cognitive abilities.
  • Retrieval AI searches information from large datasets, and uses AI techniques to retrieve the most relevant results matching the intent of the user’s query.

AI can enhance data management and make it more efficient, such as by automating data classification or detecting anomalies.

Cohesity built AI into several of our products to help detect threats, classify large volumes of unstructured data, and protect critical data and workflows.

Two ways we use AI include:

  • We use AI to boost data security. We can secure data and strengthen your cyber resilience with data isolation, threat detection, and data classification.
  • We help you get more from your stored data. With granular access controls and global search capabilities, you can search across multiple workloads and snapshots. Find more details here.
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Search through years worth of data fast with Cohesity Gaia
Search through years worth of data fast with Cohesity Gaia - video thumbnail
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Cohesity Gaia: An executive’s guide to accelerating enterprise AI with retrieval augmented generation and secondary data
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How generative AI can help you get ahead of data security threats
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