Boost your data resilience

Thrive in the face of cyber threats and unexpected outages with the highest levels of data availability, protection, and integrity.

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Amplify your data defenses

Keep all your critical business data safe and secure—whether on-premises, at the edge, or in the cloud—to avoid downtime and maximize business productivity.

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Protect with immutability

Prevent malicious modification or deletion of protected data forever with unlimited snapshots. Secure virtual air-gapped copies in a cloud cyber vault for fast and reliable recovery.

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Achieve near-zero downtime

Eliminate single points of failure thanks to highly-available software-defined architecture. Prevent catastrophic outages and exceed business continuity and SLA requirements.

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Prevent unauthorized access

Encrypt private and sensitive data at-rest and in-flight so hackers can’t see data flowing to and from Cohesity solutions.

Ransomware recovery

Protect all your enterprise data, including virtual machines, application data, databases, files, objects, and more, with unlimited immutable snapshots, and cyber vaulting. Detect ransomware and cyber threats with AI-powered insights and user behavior monitoring. Ensure your data is clean using ML-powered forensics so you can recover rapidly and with confidence from any point in time and location—minimizing business impact.

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Nav Ransomware Recovery
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Get ransomware-ready

Improve your security posture and get the evaluation criteria you need to combat ransomware.

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Business continuity and disaster recovery

Whether you experience an outage to your data, hardware, power, network, or sites, the distributed architecture of the Cohesity Data Cloud can tolerate multiple failures. Its auto-healing capabilities help ensure your critical data always remains highly available, even during unexpected disasters. Reduce operational complexity and maximize application availability with automated DR and failback for all your mission-critical workloads.

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Data security and compliance

Go beyond Zero Trust with data security features, including MFA, RBAC, and quorum approvals, that work together to prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data and privileged operations. To satisfy privacy and industry regulations like GDPR, CCPA, PCI, and HIPAA, Cohesity Data Cloud encrypts data using FIPS-validated AES-256 and TLS encryption to protect data from malicious actions and ensure data confidentiality. Automatically discover and classify sensitive data with ML-based scanning to support security and compliance investigations.

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Cohesity Data Security and Compliance

Strengthen your cyber resilience

Withstand and recover from ransomware and cyber threats.

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Intelligent threat protection
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faster restores

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less time for management

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