Converge backup software, replication, and target storage, in one unified solution managed through policy-based automation


Use Cohesity DataProtect for converged data protection, and use Cohesity DataPlatform as target storage for database copies and 3rd party backups

Beyond Data Protection

Put your backup data to productive use. Build a multicloud data fabric, provision test/dev copies on-demand, and perform in-place analytics

Simple Converged Data Protection

Cohesity DataProtect eliminates data protection silos by converging all your backup infrastructure on the Cohesity scale-out platform. Simplify management with a single UI and policy-based automation. Accelerate your recovery points and recovery times while cutting data protection costs by 50%. Integrate with all the leading public clouds for archival, tiering and replication.

Flexible with No Rip-And-Replace

Cohesity can be used to support data protection in two different configurations: converged data protection and target storage.

  • Cohesity DataProtect provides a complete, end-to-end backup solution that is fully converged on the Cohesity scale-out platform for ultimate simplicity.
  • Cohesity DataPlatform can also be used as scale-out, globally deduped target storage for database copies and 3rd party backup software. Database admins can manage their own database copies using Cohesity as target storage, and benefit from fast snapshot and cloning capabilities for test/dev. 3rd party backup software as Veeam or Veritas NetBackup can also use Cohesity as deduplicated storage target.

A single Cohesity cluster can be used for converged data protection or target storage simultaneously, giving you ultimate flexibility.

Beyond Data Protection: Make Your Data Productive

Traditional data protection solutions only provide an expensive insurance policy. The data is unproductive until disaster strikes. Cohesity takes a completely different approach. Data is valuable, and Cohesity puts backup data to productive use. Once the data is protected on Cohesity, it can be used for the following use cases:

  • Disaster recovery: Replicate data to a second off-site cluster for disaster recovery. Support instant recovery of large multi-VM environments.
  • Public cloud integration: Use the public cloud for long-term archival, tiering and replication.
  • Test/dev: Provision test/dev copies on-demand to accelerate software updates and development processes.
  • Analytics: Perform in-place, custom analytics to identify sensitive information or derive insights from your backup data.

Cohesity gives us an easy way to manage, store, and extract value from our data – all from a single platform that scales as we need it. Cohesity is dramatically simplifying the way we do business.

David Giambruno, CIO and Senior VP of IT

Faced with the complex task of managing massive amounts of data that must be backed up and secured, we are excited about Cohesity’s vision for converging data onto a unified, scale-out solution. Cohesity provides simpler data protection and powerful insight.

Sase Janki, SVP of Technology

The goal for IT is to simplify storage and minimize costs. We are excited because Cohesity covers all of our secondary use cases. We use it for backup and file shares. We are excited to leverage Cohesity to replace off-site tapes with public cloud.

Marlon Wenceslao, Sr. Systems Manager