Cohesity DataProtect
Delivered as a Service

Data Management as a Service starts with backup. Protect your critical data and workloads in minutes. Sign up for a backup as a service free trial.

DMaaS Announcement

Predictable Costs

Eliminate lumpy CapEx and upgrade costs and shift to OpEx with predictable subscription-based pricing

Predictable Costs

Eliminate CapEx

Avoid overspending and long CapEx budgeting cycles and shift to an OpEx model with a subscription.

Simple Capacity Pricing

Simple and predictable capacity pricing based on easy-to-measure front-end capacity of your environment.

What You Need is Included

Rolling feature updates, unlimited data restores, and no data egress charges with a single inclusive price.

Hybrid Cloud Backup Made Easy

Simplify backup with a service that’s optimized for a true hybrid experience. Move data securely and efficiently.

Hybrid Cloud Backup

True Hybrid Experience

Backup as a Service that’s designed for hybrid cloud - no gateways, no silos - just unified hybrid cloud backup.

Simple and Intuitive GUI

Sign up, connect, and protect your data in minutes with a single unified GUI and consistent experience for hybrid cloud.

Move Data Efficiently and Securely

Minimize data transfers while protecting data in flight and at rest with encryption and flexible key management.

Protect More and Do More

Automatically discover and protect on-premises and cloud workloads. Enable others to do more with data.

Protect more and do more

Protect On-prem and Cloud Data

A single backup service that protects your on-prem VMware, Files/NAS, and cloud data such as Microsoft 365.

Search and Recover

Quickly search and find the data you need and quickly recover it to the original source or to a new location.

Get Time Back and Enable Others

Free up IT Ops from managing infrastructure and enable others like developers and data analysts.

Ready to Get Started?

Simple front-end capacity pricing based on your environment. We make Backup as a Service easy so you can get started today.
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Available to organizations in the USA and Canada.

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