Why build another storage silo just to store your objects? Store and manage your objects on Cohesity DataPlatform. Simplify your infrastructure, eliminate forklift upgrades, and maximize storage efficiency with global dedupe, compression, and erasure coding. Integrate natively with the public cloud.


Consolidate object storage on scale-out platform with always-on availability, global dedupe, and simple management


Disater recovery, data encryption and security, and multitenancy


Integrate with all the leading public clouds to archive, tier and replicate object data to the cloud.

Distributed Object Storage On Cohesity DataPlatform


Provide object storage with S3 REST APIs for easy integration with third-party technologies. Rich object metadata captures common object characteristics such as ACLs and versioning.

Simple, cost-efficient storage

Eliminate dedicated object storage and consolidate your objects on Cohesity Dataplatform. Ensure always-on availability, pay-as-you-grow by scaling performance and capacity linearly, and eliminate expensive forklift upgrades. Increase storage efficiency with variable-length, global deduplication that spans an entire cluster, and compression. Support for both in-line and post-process deduplication.

Data protection

Take an unlimited number of snapshots of your file shares with Cohesity snapshot technology. Automate the creation and retention of your file share snapshots with converged data protection software. Replicate data off-site for disaster recovery.

Monitoring and analytics

Monitor capacity utilization and performance in real-time. Run custom MapReduce jobs on the objects stored on the platform.

Search and analytics

Automated global indexing powers Google-like search, enabling instant wildcard searches for any file ingested into the system. Run custom MapReduce jobs on the data stored on the platform.

Multicloud integration

Integrate natively with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud for archival, tiering and replication. Eliminate tape by using the public cloud for long-term data archival. Expand the capacity of your Cohesity cluster by automatically tiering individual chunks of data to the cloud. Replicate data to a Cohesity Cloud Edition cluster running in the public cloud. Use the data in the cloud for disaster recovery, application migrations, test/dev, or analytics.

Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM)

Enable policy-based retention of data for compliance and other use cases.

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“The native support of both object and file services within the Cohesity core platform will only further simplify our secondary storage environment.”
David Giambruno
CIO, Shutterstock

“Cohesity’s solution enables me to tell all my departments, ‘Whatever storage needs you have, whatever profile, I can manage it, and it’s not a deal breaker for us in terms of cost and complexity.”
Richard Chun
Infrastructure Engineer, Sheppard Mullin