Do more with your data

Scale, manage, and analyze your unstructured data with next-level intelligence, and protect your organization from emerging cyber threats.

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Unlimited scale

Stay ahead of growing unstructured data demands by harnessing the power of a scalable software-defined hybrid cloud platform.

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Intelligent data management

Lower costs and optimize efficiency with data reduction, automated tiering and archiving, and powerful search and analytics. All with one interface.

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Powerful defense

Protect data with enterprise security and integrated apps for compliance and malware detection. Identify PII and recover rapidly from ransomware.

Do more with your data

Benefits for the enterprise

Consolidate data management and modernize your enterprise infrastructure. Easily address your data growth with limitless, pay-as-you-grow architecture.

Scale without limits

Scale your unstructured data without disruptive upgrades using software-defined simplicity and hybrid cloud flexibility. Expand across on-premises, edge, and cloud locations.

Fortify cyber resilience

Safeguard your data with multifactor authentication, software encryption, key management, and RBAC. Defeat ransomware with anomaly detection and data entropy analysis. For added protection, easily isolate and quickly recover your Cohesity SmartFiles data from the cloud with Cohesity FortKnox. Detect risky user behaviors that could be indicators of a cyberattack or data exfiltration with Cohesity DataHawk.

Unify files and objects

Deliver seamless data access for your users and applications with simultaneous multiprotocol support for NFS, SMB, and S3. From one console, conveniently manage data globally—on-prem, at the edge, and in the cloud.

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Dramatic cost reduction

Reduce cost by up to 51%, increase operational efficiency, and improve business agility with SmartFiles.

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Optimize efficiency

Consolidate storage silos and reduce your footprint with 96x or greater data reduction. Lower TCO through and cross-volume deduplication, advanced compression, and small file optimization.

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Manage data smarter

Effortlessly manage the lifecycle of your data with policy-based archiving and tiering of data based on age, access, size, and type for long-term retention and compliance.

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Do and save more

Save time and money with an integrated data management ecosystem on a single platform. Ransomware protection, file auditing, and analytics run directly on your data without extensive infrastructure.

Unified file and object services

Manage, secure, and do more with your data with next-level software-defined file and object services for the hybrid cloud.


The smartest way to optimize cost, scale, and efficiency for your unstructured data.

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Use cases

For everything you rely on

Back up and archive

Manage archive and backup datasets effortlessly. Reduce TCO and simplify management.

Content management

Easy-to-search document management. Manage files and objects securely and at scale.

Corporate multimedia

Economically manage multimedia content for education, training, electronic communications, and more.


Seamlessly manage large-scale IoT and big data stores to simplify and accelerate analytics.

Video surveillance

Cost-effectively archive, search, and retrieve surveillance footage with ease.

Industry solutions

Stay ahead of the competition with deeper data insights, improved productivity, and lower business risk

Financial services

For images, documents, call logs, and electronic communications.


For patient records, medical image archives, documents, and research.

Public sector

For collaboration and research, safety, security, and innovation.


For media, images, video, IoT data, design files, and more.

Law firms

For eDiscovery and legal hold, collaboration, research, and documents.

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The smartest way to optimize cost, scale, and efficiency for your unstructured data. Manage, secure, and do more with your data with next-level software-defined file and object services for the hybrid cloud.


Ransomware resiliency with highly secure, SaaS-based cyber vaulting.


Protect and recover against ransomware with threat protection, cyber vaulting, and ML-powered data classification—by identifying threats, assessing attack impact, and confidently recovering critical data.

Analyst report

A Leader in Unstructured Data Management

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We needed a next-gen data management platform, and Cohesity stood apart because of its ease of use, rapid recovery at large scale, and strong cyber protections.”

Guru Vasudeva, Nationwide

Guru Vasudeva

SVP and CTO, Infrastructure and Operations, Nationwide

sky lakes medical logo

We are getting more work done than ever, which I attribute to both our talented team and the very strategic investments we’ve made in Cisco and Cohesity. There is 100% consensus among our engineers that Cohesity works reliably, is easy to use, and we can all be productive with it. That’s powerful."

John Gaede Headshot

John Gaede

Director of IS, Sky Lakes Medical Center

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Previously, we were using three complementary solutions for backup and recovery, which were not efficient and led to increased cost. Clauger has streamlined its data management onto a single Cohesity platform for not only backup and recovery, but also for file and object and cloud, with TCO savings of over 25%."

Olivier Boute

IT Manager, Clauger

City of Santa Monica

Cohesity gives our essential data an added level of security. By incorporating single sign-on with multi-factor authentication and DataLock for immutability and retention policies, we can prevent anyone from accidentally or intentionally deleting any of our backups. Other vendors don’t come anywhere near the level of security assurance we get with Cohesity.”

Cazi Brasga

Systems Engineer, City of Santa Monica

Analyst reports

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GigaOm Report: GigaOm Sonar Report for File-Based Primary Storage Ransomware Protection

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“Voice of the Customer”: Distributed File Systems and Object Storage

Commonly asked questions about file and object storage

Structured data is data that is stored in a fixed place within a file or record. It’s typically stored in a relational database (RDBMS) but can also be found in NoSQL databases, for example. Structured data can be text, dates, or numbers.

Unstructured data comprises file and object data and has not been defined or stored in a predefined way. Although most common unstructured data consists of text, it can also feature numbers, images, and audio. Unstructured data is used within every function in business. Examples include: Finance (invoices, forms), Healthcare (medical records and images), Public Sector (documents, research data), Manufacturing (design files), Marketing (photos), IT (IoT data), Sales (emails with customers), Customer Service (social media), and more.

Although it’s changing and accumulating rapidly, much of the unstructured data that is collected and stored is processed manually, if at all. For example, email is mostly processed by a human reading it, extracting what is important (sometimes by copying and pasting into another email or into an application), and taking action based on its contents.

But with advancing AI technologies such as machine learning, machine vision, and natural language processing, more of this unstructured information can be harnessed and analyzed automatically, driving faster business insight.

Object storage refers to a data storage architecture purpose-built to store and manage volumes of unstructured data. Each file is stored as an object. The object includes the file along with user-defined and application-defined metadata that includes information related to the file. Objects also feature a unique name, which can be used to find and access the object. Objects are stored in a large, non-hierarchical repository, or data lake.

File storage organizes files according to a logical hierarchy of files and folders. Folders are located in a directory and can also be nested within subfolders. File storage is commonly used for network attached storage (NAS) devices and personal computers. Files are located based on a path name that includes the associated directory, folder, and subfolder names, ending with the file name.

Organizations need data security and management strategies and solutions that keep up with evolving threats and minimize the increasing blast radius of ransomware. Cohesity SmartFiles, along with other integrated Cohesity data services, delivers powerful data security features so organizations can confidently defend their critical file and object data from cyberattackers and insider threats.

  • Cohesity data security and management capabilities span on-prem, cloud, and edge locations—delivering true hybrid cloud flexibility.
  • Unstructured data is protected with immutable snapshots, WORM, data encryption, auditing and scanning, fault tolerance, and flexible data isolation.
  • Unauthorized data access risks are reduced via RBAC, MFA, and quorum authentication that require multiple approvers for critical configuration changes.
  • SmartFiles detects attacks to stop encroachment using AL/ML-powered insights that can perform anomaly detection, automated alerting, and cybersecurity vulnerability discovery.
  • Built-in and customizable integrations for the Cohesity Data Cloud platform strengthen security posture, along with broad extensibility supporting the integration of value-added security applications.

Cohesity SmartFiles consolidates siloed data management functions onto a single and scalable software platform capable of running multiple use cases at scale, and slashing complexity and cost. As a comprehensive global solution, the entire data management lifecycle can be conveniently managed from a single console.

SmartFiles supports a variety of native protocols for integration, including NFS, SMB, and S3. It simplifies data management by consolidating unstructured data (files and objects) from multiple application workloads. When you consolidate unstructured data on SmartFiles, you can manage it efficiently and securely with policy-driven actions. With simplified management via our global Helios UI, you can apply security and data protection policies to meet compliance requirements, create data lifecycle management policies to expire data, and automate data movement and placement across the datacenter and public clouds.

Cohesity can also help you optimize your existing NAS environments by alleviating capacity to maximize resource use. SmartFiles provides the built-in capability to identify infrequently accessed unstructured data, and automatically tier or migrate that data to SmartFiles. A modern approach to file and object management, SmartFiles eliminates costly forklift upgrades and time-consuming infrastructure updates while guaranteeing all of your unstructured data is protected wherever it resides—in the data center, the cloud, or at the edge.

The Cohesity Data Cloud allows you to run apps directly against data in place, without requiring extensive infrastructure, to streamline processing and accelerate results. With an extensive Marketplace ecosystem of third-party and Cohesity-developed apps, teams can save time and money with easy-to-deploy solutions for search, analytics, auditing, compliance, and security. Organizations can maximize the value of their data by easily integrating with leading familiar applications that can help unlock valuable insights to power intelligent business decisions.

Because the Cohesity Data Cloud was designed from the start as an API-first environment, it’s a developer win. Developers are empowered to use a rich set of RESTful APIs to easily integrate next-gen functions into their apps and create new capabilities.

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