Your data + our multicloud = limitless potential

Consolidate data in the cloud. By breaking down data silos and removing infrastructure complexity, you'll increase agility and derive more value from your data.

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Simple cloud Simplify hybrid and multicloud data security and management. Say goodbye to having to manage your own infrastructure.

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Beyond backup Protect, classify, and vault your data, detect threats, and reduce downtime after a disaster.

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Secured and certified Protect your data with multilayered data security architecture, strict access controls, and leading industry certifications, such as SOC2 Type II.

Data Multicloud Overview

Fully-managed multicloud data security and management services

Unlock agility and remove complexity

Stop managing your infrastructure, and focus on managing your data. Free up resources to deliver data on demand and meet business level SLAs.

Consolidate data in the cloud

Simplify hybrid and multicloud data security and management, and consolidate multiple data sources, locations, and use cases, all in one place—managed with a single UI.

Analyze and get more value from data

Turn your backup data from an insurance policy into an asset. Classify and govern sensitive data and use machine learning to detect threats and risky user behaviors, so you can quickly respond.

Cohesity SaaS

Ransomware defense and recovery with a virtual air gap

Enhance your cyber resiliency against sophisticated and evolving ransomware attacks. Cohesity FortKnox, a SaaS cyber vaulting and recovery solution, provides an additional layer of security and protection to your data against cybersecurity threats, simplifies operations, lowers costs, and prepares you to recover confidently from attacks.

Virtual Air Gap
Use cases

Simplify data security and management with Cohesity Cloud Services

Backup as a service

Easy to use enterprise-grade backup as a service (BaaS) to protect your critical SaaS, cloud-native, and on-premises data sources.

Cyber vaulting

Ransomware resiliency with highly secure, SaaS-based cyber vaulting.

Threat detection

Data classification and ML-based threat detection to protect and respond to insider and cyber threats.

Disaster recovery as a service

Orchestration for automated disaster recovery failover and failback, all delivered as a service.

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A true backup solution, Cohesity has given our team new freedom and time to focus on valuable projects while resting easy because our environment is secure and we can easily restore data in minutes. We’ve significantly simplified data management and gained efficiencies across the board, returning tremendous benefits to our entire organization."

François Lepage, The Master Group

François Lepage

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Manager, The Master Group

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We have good security protections, but with ransomware becoming more and more prevalent we need to assume we’ll be hit at some point. Knowing we can quickly recover with Cohesity DataProtect delivered as a service without major disruption is a relief.”

Michael Stegall

IT Director, Eurecat

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With Cohesity DataProtect delivered as a service we don't need on-premises infrastructure for our smaller locations. We have a unified view of all backups—on-prem or in the cloud—helping us meet SLAs. And now we don’t need to worry about complying with long-term retention requirements because Cohesity does it automatically.”

Kevin Chi Headshot

Kevin Chi

IT Systems Engineer, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Commonly asked cloud data service questions

Cloud data services are services and technologies that let organizations store, manage, process, and analyze their data in the cloud. The services provide scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency, enabling businesses to harness the power of data without the need for an extensive on-premises infrastructure.

Cloud services offer numerous advantages, including scalability and flexibility, allowing businesses to easily adjust their resources based on demand. Additionally, cloud services provide cost savings by eliminating the need for upfront investments in hardware and infrastructure maintenance.

Multicloud refers to the practice of using multiple cloud computing services from different cloud providers, instead of relying on a single cloud provider for all of an organization’s cloud computing needs. Multicloud environments can include public cloud services, private cloud services, and hybrid cloud services.

Multicloud management is important for a number of reasons. Multicloud environments offer more flexibility than a single cloud environment. This also allows for the avoidance of vendor lock-in, improves resiliency, and better performance by leveraging the strengths of multiple cloud providers.

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