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Get automated disaster recovery (DR) failover and failback orchestration for your mission-critical workloads.

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Ransomware breach? Instant recovery starts here.

Cohesity SiteContinuity helps simplify disaster recovery (DR) through automated orchestration, so you can instantly recover from a breach or outage.

Disaster recovery done your way

Choose from flexible DR options—self-managed site to site, turnkey disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) from Cohesity, or DRaaS from a Cohesity-Powered service provider.

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Unified backup and DR

Cohesity’s unified policy framework protects your applications and data across tiers, service levels, and environments.

Automated orchestration

Mitigate your business risk with automatic failover and failback orchestration across multicloud environments.

Flexible restores

Restore your applications and data to any point in time—from years to just seconds before the disaster hit.

Maximize your application availability

Your business is 24/7. Your applications must be, too. Meet SLAs without breaking the bank with automated disaster recovery powered by SiteContinuity.

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Rapid availability

Near-zero downtime and no data loss with hot standby, plus automated recovery of a single application or an entire site within minutes.

SLA and compliance confidence

Meet compliance needs and ensure DR readiness with detailed audit trails, reporting, and non-disruptive testing.

Lower costs

Eliminate unnecessary infrastructure and take advantage of data deduplication across workloads.

Clean recovery from ransomware attacks

Ensure recovery from a non-infected point in time.

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Deep visibility

Reduce your security risk with a detailed dashboard that gives the health status and recoverability index of your backup snapshot.

Actionable recommendation

Fail over to a clean point in time with machine learning-based recommendations and meet your business SLAs.

Disaster recovery as a service

Eliminate your secondary data center and on-premises operational complexity. Gain the agility of disaster recovery as a service to meet demanding business SLAs across application tiers and environments.

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