How Enterprises Put Their Data to Work with Cohesity

Data continues to skyrocket in both volume and importance across enterprises. While most of our customers initially choose Cohesity to ... Read More

By Ari Paul • 4 Aug 2020

City Says Goodbye to Veeam, Reduces Backup Times by 700%

As the fifth-largest municipality in Ontario and 10th-largest in Canada, the City of Hamilton was facing backup and recovery challenges ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 13 Aug 2019

Energy Company Saves on Backup and Recovery

Schneider Electric has led energy management and automation in homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure, and across a wide variety of ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 18 Jun 2019

Nordic Publisher Deploys Cohesity, Reduces OpEx and Gains Efficiency

With 2,500 employees spread across the Nordics, Aller Media had become focused on digital transformation across its infrastructure, and wanted ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 6 Mar 2019

Hospital Leaves Legacy Backup Behind, Deploys Cohesity Data Protection Instead

Community Hospital has come a long way since challenges stemming from its previous legacy environment. Despite being a small hospital, ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 20 Feb 2019

Cohesity is Protecting Backup Data Against Ransomware and Customers Approve

Our recent announcement about combating ransomware has struck a nerve - a good nerve! It seems the idea of being ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 13 Feb 2019

Customer Testimonial: How Cohesity Helped Piedmont HealthCare Remove Painful Backups from To-Do List

Healthcare providers have at least one very important thing in common: Uptime is critical to patient care. Yet like many ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 4 Oct 2018

Customer Testimonial: AutoNation Chooses Cohesity Data Protection for Lower Costs, Simplicity, Cloud

AutoNation’s Vice President, Technology Operations, Adam Rasner has been out front a lot lately, and he’s been talking about why ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 19 Sep 2018

theCUBE Video: AutoNation Explains Why it Chose Cohesity for Data Protection

While at VMworld 2018 this week, one of our awesome customers - AutoNation - sat down with theCUBE hosts - John Furrier and ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 28 Aug 2018

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