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Cohesity vs. Commvault

Cohesity customers can rapidly recover from ransomware and disasters, benefit from AI/ML-driven data security, and experience incredible ease of use.

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3 reasons teams choose Cohesity over Commvault

Overview Beyond Zero Trust
Go beyond Zero Trust

With today’s sophisticated cybercriminals trying to encrypt, exfiltrate, and ransom your data, the need for Zero Trust is a given. You need AI/ML-enabled defense capabilities that minimize your attack surface.

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Gain a proven recovery advantage

When your business is down, every second counts. Recover VMs, databases, and file shares rapidly and at scale, without single points of failure risking VM crashes or data loss.

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Streamline with one platform for the future

Get modern data security and backup, either SaaS or self-managed. Use one platform with limitless scale—so you can expand with file services, repurpose data for dev/test, and generally do more.

Recognized as a leader

The only solution designated as a Leader in all the top analyst reports.

Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Omdia, GigaOm, and KuppingerCole recognized Cohesity as an industry-leading vendor in security posture, ransomware protection, unstructured data management, cloud backup, scale-out file storage, and data protection.

Gartner Magic Quadrant 2021

4X Leader in 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions

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GigaOm Ranks Cohesity the top Leader in GigaOm Radar for Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

Gartner Peer Insights 2024

ONLY vendor to be selected Customers’ Choice 5X running for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions


Highest Leaders score, Strategy and Market Presence, Q4,’22 Forrester Wave for Data Resilience Solution Suites

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Comparing Cohesity vs Commvault

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Minimize risk from cyberattacks


Prevention and detection of malicious activity: Modern data immutability/WORM, 2FA/TOTP, VM vulnerability detection, ML-driven anomaly detection, one-click, industry-leading threat protection and data classification


Windows-based single point of failure: CommServe runs mainly on Windows (limited Linux deployments);requires complex DR process to avoid metadata loss, resulting in unusable backups


Single, simple, and secure UI across all services: Simple to use web-based UI; ability to administer all jobs and consumption models— including aaS offerings; built from the ground up to be secure


Multiple UIs required: Command Center and legacy, Java-based CommCell Console (for advanced tasks); inconsistent experience and output across interfaces


Protection for in-progress backups: Closed API/RPC protocols for adapters; adapterless dump-to-NAS workflows supporting NFSv4.1 ACLs to protect from exfiltration or sabotage


Higher risk of data loss: Lower uptime/resiliency with long backups and extended upgrade windows potentially leading to less frequent backups and missed backups, requiring frustrating and time-consuming troubleshooting


Strict access control and bank-grade cyber vaulting: Immutability,Cohesity-managed key option; quorum-controlled operations, rapid restore, and time-limited network access (reducing attack surface)


Greater risk of rogue actions: Limited quorum controls requiring installation of non-default business logic workflows to provide additional approvals for few tasks

Reduce downtime with rapid cyber recovery


Get back to business fast: Resume NAS file sharing immediately without restore and/or rapidly restore to primary storage


Files offline longer: Can’t immediately put file shares online; slow restore to primary storage, especially for large NAS data sets


React rapidly to attacks: Simple closed-loop SIEM, SOAR integration; complete incident response within Palo Alto XSOAR, Cisco SecureX, Microsoft Sentinel, or CrowdStrike


Delayed response: SOAR integrations lacking for incident response and resolution


Restore production and populate recovery sandboxes faster: Immediate and scalable restore of VMs and databases for faster forensics, sandboxing, and recovery


Slower recovery: Requires chain-based snapshots for synthetic fulls; limited live mounts and slow cache population


Production-grade I/O reliability: Protected data and uninterrupted instant recovery


Risk of crash: VMs can’t stay mounted through MediaAgent loss or reboot

Maximize data value


Speedier data reuse: Rapidly restore to get data immediately for dev/test or analytics


Slow and limited access to data: Inefficient live mount snapshots can bring up only a few VMs or databases


Data masking: Anonymize sensitive information before it leaves the backup repository


Potential PII exposure: Rudimentary internal masking destroys relationships: not useful for analytics


Single secure data management platform: Enable multiple use cases, including file & object services, DR, and copy data management with reduced attack surface


Just a backup: Traditional single-purpose architecture requiring additional silos for use cases beyond backup and recovery

Better TCO


Free up staff time: Modern, easy, and powerful management with a single UI and automated optimization, non-disruptive upgrades, and easy patch management


Labor intensive: Legacy architecture requiring multiple UIs and frequent monitoring and troubleshooting with painful patch and upgrade management


> 30% more space efficient than Commvault, including across cloud: Typical for most workloads due to superior sliding-window dedupe, Zstd compression1


> 43% more space required than Cohesity: Inefficient, large fixed block deduplication (128kb on-prem and 512kb in cloud); limited dedupe across source types


Efficient network utilization: Lower network bandwidth utilization for replication/archive, reducing cost of using cloud-based backup targets


Higher network traffic: Inefficient deduplication creating more bandwidth usage, especially when moving data to the cloud

1 Space saving estimate based on a typical mix of VMs, databases, and file shares as observed in head-to-head sizing and as relayed to us by prospects

IT leaders choose Cohesity over Commvault

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