7 Datacenter Backup & Recovery Challenges

As organizational needs change, and workloads become increasingly distributed, a key realization is emerging: traditional approaches to backup and recovery ... Read More

By Raj Dutt • 12 Sep 2019

Enterprise Backup: 4 Use Cases You’re Missing

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Kubernetes Backup: Understanding the Challenges

Traditional backup and recovery solutions were designed for the monolithic applications of yesteryear, and are unable to offer the granularity ... Read More

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5 Tips to Prevent Ransomware Attacks on Backups

Backup and recovery solutions are designed to protect your organization, but sophisticated malware like Locky and Crypto-ransomware are now targeting ... Read More

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4 Reasons to Backup Microsoft Exchange Online

Enterprises are increasingly adopting Microsoft Office 365 for email and collaboration, with more than half of all businesses relying on ... Read More

By Theresa Miller • 6 Aug 2019

Enterprise Backup & Recovery Solution Checklist

Enterprise Data Growth Backup and recovery slowing you down? Many organizations are reconsidering their approach to backup and recovery as ... Read More

By Raj Dutt • 30 Jul 2019

Top 5 Requirements for Enterprise Backup & Recovery

By 2021, 50% of organizations will augment or replace their current backup application with another solution. – Magic Quadrant for ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 12 Jul 2019

Simple, modern data management for AWS workloads at AWS Summit

At AWS Summit in Washington DC I had the honor of speaking about AWS, Data Protection, and Cohesity. When delivering ... Read More

By Theresa Miller • 3 Jul 2019

Should you Backup Your On-Premises Exchange – Yes or No?

Understanding the value of why enterprises need to make sure their backups are in place has been a subject we ... Read More

By Theresa Miller • 11 Jun 2019

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