theCube Interviews at AWS re:Invent

Over 65,000 people gathered in Las Vegas for AWS re:Invent 2019, to learn the latest news and announcements from the ... Read More

By Jeanette Geary • 13 Feb 2020

theCube Interviews at Microsoft Ignite 2019: Data Management Trends

Over twenty-six thousand people attended Microsoft Ignite 2019. Those who stopped by the Cohesity booth got an up close look ... Read More

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Critical Considerations for Apache Hadoop Disaster Recovery

Disasters in a Hadoop environment have various origins. It could be a major natural disaster that takes out an entire ... Read More

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4 Reasons Your Existing Hadoop Backup & Recovery Strategy is Falling Short

The rapid adoption of Hadoop within the enterprise has resulted in the deployment of a number of haphazard, quick-fix Hadoop ... Read More

By Jay Desai • 14 Nov 2019

Azure Virtual Machines: Why Enterprises Need a Great Backup Strategy

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By Theresa Miller • 5 Nov 2019

Office 365: Empowering Your Users with Self-Service Recovery

With the increasing adoption of Office 365 Exchange Online, organizations have started implementing enterprise-class data protection strategies for this important ... Read More

By Saurabh Singh • 25 Oct 2019

Data Management: Reporting is Key to Actionable Insights

Data Management and Reporting Benefits Data Management refers to a comprehensive process of acquiring, validating, storing, protecting, processing, and reporting ... Read More

By Ram Parasuraman • 11 Oct 2019

7 Datacenter Backup & Recovery Challenges

As organizational needs change, and workloads become increasingly distributed, a key realization is emerging: traditional approaches to backup and recovery ... Read More

By Raj Dutt • 12 Sep 2019

Enterprise Backup: 4 Use Cases You’re Missing

Your company is counting on IT to help it realize value from all your data. Yet continually creating and moving ... Read More

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