Public Cloud vs Tape Considerations for Long-Term Data Retention

Data backup provides recovery options from data loss scenarios such as hardware failures, data corruption, human errors. Typical backup solutions ... Read More

By Sai Mukundan • 11 May 2017

Cohesity DataPlatform VE Review by Marc Huppert

Curious about Cohesity DataPlatform Virtual Edition? Marc Huppert was the first person in the world to install the product in ... Read More

By Marc Huppert • 13 Apr 2017

Cohesity Tech Talk Videos: Session 2 Videos Now Available!

Welcome back to the Cohesity Tech Talk video series! In the past few weeks we’ve added a number of new ... Read More

By Andrew McCumiskey • 3 Apr 2017

The Importance of Fast and Modern Data Recovery Capabilities for the Modern Enterprise Data Center

As the industry is currently plagued with data protection and recovery solutions that are based on outdated architectures and capabilities, ... Read More

By Rawlinson Rivera • 16 Mar 2017

Physical Server Protection – Part 1

Not all of the datacenter is virtualized. A few percent of the server still run on bare metal. In order ... Read More

By Chinmaya Manjunath • 2 Mar 2017

Simplicity is Key for Data Management in Enterprise Data Centers

"Simplicity in data centers is of the utmost importance in the IT industry today. In our fast-paced digital world, organizations ... Read More

By Rawlinson Rivera • 11 Jan 2017

Cohesity’s new Tech Talk Video series provides deep-dive insights into hyperconverged secondary storage

Cohesity is pleased to announce a new series of technical presentations that are now available on our YouTube channel. These ... Read More

By Andrew McCumiskey • 8 Dec 2016

Cohesity Presents at Tech Field Day 12

Tech Field Day kicked off earlier this week at Cohesity HQ in Santa Clara, California. Tech Field Day is a ... Read More

By Linda Sim • 18 Nov 2016

DCIG Interview with Cohesity Customer Fidel from Ultimate Software

At Cohesity, we love our customers and we take pride in what we do. But, you don’t have to take ... Read More

By Linda Sim • 19 Oct 2016

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