How Mass Data Fragmentation is Blocking the Promise of the Public Cloud

The challenge mass data fragmentation poses to customers is well-documented by now. We talk about it often here at Cohesity, ... Read More

By Ross Camp • 17 Jul 2019

It’s Time to Automate: Moving to the Cloud Just Got Easier

Cloud is becoming the destination of choice for many applications, whether new or legacy. If you are adopting a hybrid ... Read More

By Douglas Ko • 16 Jul 2019

Making Hybrid Cloud Architectures Central to Data Center Transformation

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By Sameer Nori • 6 Feb 2019

Why Enterprises Need a Great Backup Strategy

As an enterprise admin for over 20 years now, I have seen many technology successes, challenges, and even failures throughout ... Read More

By Theresa Miller • 21 Dec 2018

What are the Consequences of Mass Data Fragmentation?

The first blog in this series explained how “mass data fragmentation” represents the growing proliferation of secondary data across a ... Read More

By Ross Camp • 29 Nov 2018

What is Mass Data Fragmentation

As I tap out these words, another chunk of data is being generated, and most likely stored multiple times in ... Read More

By Ross Camp • 14 Nov 2018

The Ripple Effect of TCO Reduction

In an effort to improve ROI, agility, and key performance metrics, organizations are increasingly cognizant of IT infrastructure costs. The ... Read More

By Srini Sekaran • 13 Nov 2018

Cohesity and VMware vCloud Director: Simplicity Meets Multi-Tenant Protection

Multi-tenancy is a challenge. Whether you’re a managed service provider or an enterprise supporting multiple resource consumers, ensuring resources for ... Read More

By Srini Sekaran • 8 Nov 2018

Automate Secondary Data Management with Cohesity DataPlatform Using PowerShell

When it comes to automation, PowerShell has always been the de-facto standard for the Windows platform and now with PowerShell ... Read More

By Shreyas Agnihotri • 26 Sep 2018

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