Data Management for Your Enterprise’s Azure Stack

According to an IDG Cloud Computing Survey in 2018, enterprises are leveraging the cloud to improve their speed of IT ... Read More

By Edwin Galang • 12 Dec 2019

A Better Way to Protect and Manage Your Data with Cohesity and HPE Nimble Storage

With increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats in today’s world, data protection is an important aspect of IT strategy, but at the ... Read More

By Nikitha Omkar • 10 Dec 2019

Data Management for Outposts with Cohesity

Enterprises like the flexibility and scalability of the AWS cloud because they can quickly deploy 100’s of VMs, multiple databases, ... Read More

By Edwin Galang • 3 Dec 2019

Need Backup for Cloud Databases, Cloud VMs, and Files? We’ve got you covered!

In its recent “The Future of the DBMS Market is Cloud” report, Gartner notes that cloud databases are growing at ... Read More

By Douglas Ko • 20 Nov 2019

Backup and Recovery Infrastructure Monitoring with Nagios

Organizations proactively monitor mission-critical IT infrastructure to detect and mitigate issues that may disrupt their services. Following the quote “prevention ... Read More

By Anvesh Myla • 7 Nov 2019

Secure Office 365 backups with OAuth 2.0

Security is paramount for Office 365 as it evolves to be the backbone for collaboration for organizations of all sizes. ... Read More

By Mayank Joshi • 29 Oct 2019

Transparent Data Management with Modern Storage Accounting Framework

Storage Accounting Framework is Cohesity’s answer to providing enterprise-grade transparency into data management with a next-generation user interface that presents ... Read More

By Surya Swaminathan • 22 Oct 2019

NAS Data Migration through Python SDK Automation

We recently got on a call with our customer, which is one of the biggest financial payment companies, and they ... Read More

By Ashish Bhat • 17 Oct 2019

How Mass Data Fragmentation is Blocking the Promise of the Public Cloud

The challenge mass data fragmentation poses to customers is well-documented by now. We talk about it often here at Cohesity, ... Read More

By Ross Camp • 17 Jul 2019

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