Cohesity Helps You Eliminate the “Can I Have a Do-Over” moments

By Shawn Bulbrook • April 27, 2017

Like old fisherman telling tales of great adventures at sea, every IT Admin has a story about that moment when they pressed ENTER and then realized “Oh Oh!!” That moment when time briefly stands still as you realize the magnitude of what just happened and more importantly what’s about to happen to you. To make matters worse is at that moment in time you know that you caused an unplanned outage but everyone else in the organization doesn’t know that yet but will be painfully aware in about, oh let’s say 5 minutes or so. It is a very dark moment in time for an IT Admin.

Well this is a short little story about when that happened to me once and how if I had Cohesity at the time I could have had everything back on-line in a few minutes. I would have evaded a catastrophe and could simply blame the short little blip on a solar flare! Click here to share in my pain and learn more.