Cohesity – What’s In It for You?

By Shawn Bulbrook • March 7, 2017

Having been a Backup & Storage Admin for almost 8 years I have many times been on the side of the table when a vendor was presented their technology to me. They all sounded similar, …..unique feature…blah, blah……lower TCO….blah, blah. All important information to know but what was always missing for my co-workers and I was the answer to one simple question, What’s in it for me? If I am going to make the sacrifice of learning a new User Interface, IT process and support structure then what’s the win for me? How will your product empower me that I should disrupt my current and comfortable ecosystem?

This blog skips past the features and functionalities of the Cohesity Data Platform and focuses directly on what’s in it for you. What’s in it for the Storage & Backup Admin, the Developers, CxO, End User and Organization. Click here to learn more