Hello Cohesity Developers!

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By Chandrashekar Dashudu • March 26, 2020

I recently joined Cohesity and I was really impressed by the Integrations and API team here, for their effort to leverage the APIs and publish SDKs using PowerShell, Python, Ansible, and more. They have also created public github repositories for these SDKs with a lot of useful information for developers. I would also like to highlight that our Ansible integration has a perfect score of 5/5 on Ansible Galaxy — kudos to them!!

Ansible Galaxy

All these efforts enable third-party developers and partners to use our SDKs and build automation for various Cohesity workflows and contribute back to the community. To support that initiative, our Integrations team is focused on publishing detailed, yet straightforward documentation, code samples, and workflows that you can use as a rich reference as you develop automation.

Cohesity has many partners and third-party developers who are writing various automation solutions using our SDKs. We are tracking these numbers using various Github Badges and I am proud to say that we are an active community that is growing fast in all our SDKs and integrations.

Github Badges

Cohesity Management SDK

To our existing and new partners and developers: Contributing to the Open Source community gives you a chance to code more, learn more, and build an outstanding portfolio for yourself.

This contribution can be in the form of bug fixes, new feature requests, fixes, and suggestions for our documentation, including new sample workflows. We have come up with a simple Contribution Guide and issue templates to streamline this process and make it easy for contributors. Thank you to those who have already contributed and we look forward to seeing more of your brilliance.

Contribute your improvements to Cohesity’s Issue templates!

Cohesity Issue Templates

In order to consolidate and promote these SDKs and attract developers and DevOps folks, Cohesity has developed a Developer Portal that hosts all the integration efforts with a lot of useful information like SDK documentation, sample workflows, and blogs.

Developer Portal

The main goal of Developer Portal is to make it easy for anyone to learn more about Cohesity SDKs and leverage them to develop more useful automation solutions. The Developer Portal is also home to our API documentation for all releases. To make it easy for users to comprehend new APIs introduced in each release, we have included a What’s New section in the API docs. It also provides updates on deprecated APIs and any changes to existing API calls. Find sample workflows that use our APIs and more in the Getting Started section.

In upcoming blog posts, we will dive deep into different SDKs and explore more features and sample workflows. Stay tuned. Happy coding until then!