Should you Backup Your On-Premises Exchange – Yes or No?

Understanding the value of why enterprises need to make sure their backups are in place has been a subject we ... Read More

By Theresa Miller • 11 Jun 2019

Comprehensive Backup and Recovery for NoSQL and Hadoop

Distributed databases are now a critical aspect of modern infrastructure. Over 61% of enterprises have either implemented or laying out ... Read More

By Srini Sekaran • 6 Jun 2019

Simplified Backup at the Edge with Cisco HyperFlex and Cohesity

As the amount of human and system-generated data continues to grow at a rapid pace, IT organizations are facing increasingly ... Read More

By Nathan Antons • 5 Jun 2019

Optimizing Cohesity and vSphere Networking

In the past week or more I have been busily building out a new demo lab that Cohesity will be ... Read More

By Chris Colotti • 31 May 2019

Served Spicy: Cohesity File Shares and Home Directories

Corporate file shares and home directories. These use cases haven’t changed in dozens of years. All the problems and challenges ... Read More

By Andre Franklin • 30 May 2019

GDPR One Year In: What’s Stopping Organizations from Achieving Compliance?

“Data is the new oil”, a phrase we hear too often. Organizations across the world are transacting and storing explosive ... Read More

By Ram Parasuraman • 24 May 2019

Knowledge Base Feedback Option and Proactive Product Support Now Available from Cohesity

The Cohesity knowledge base has grown significantly over the last year with contributions from our customers, site reliability engineers, solution ... Read More

By Andrew Dobrov • 24 May 2019

Giving Back: Cohesity Inside Sales and IT Teams Put the Care in Care Packages

Last year around this time, our Inside Sales HQ Team got together, grabbed some bikes, and delivered eighty bagged lunches ... Read More

By Tyler Livingstone • 23 May 2019

Everything You Wanted to Know About Backing Up Office 365 Exchange Online with Cohesity

Cohesity recently hosted the Tech Field Day group at our corporate offices for Cloud Field Day 5. The Tech Field ... Read More

By Theresa Miller • 15 May 2019

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