4 Reasons Your Existing Hadoop Backup & Recovery Strategy is Falling Short

The rapid adoption of Hadoop within the enterprise has resulted in the deployment of a number of haphazard, quick-fix Hadoop ... Read More

By Jay Desai • 14 Nov 2019

Time to Replace Aging Data Domain with Scale-Out Backup Target

Is it 2000s? If not then why still use yesteryear’s solution? Data Domain was a great product when it first ... Read More

By Raj Dutt • 7 Nov 2019

Backup and Recovery Infrastructure Monitoring with Nagios

Organizations proactively monitor mission-critical IT infrastructure to detect and mitigate issues that may disrupt their services. Following the quote “prevention ... Read More

By Anvesh Myla • 7 Nov 2019

Azure Virtual Machines: Why Enterprises Need a Great Backup Strategy

Continuing along in our series of why enterprises need great backups, today we are going to dive into the virtual ... Read More

By Theresa Miller • 5 Nov 2019

Customer Satisfaction: When They’re Happy, We’re Happy

Every day is an opportunity to do something amazing. For some, amazing is defined as climbing a 29,000-foot mountain. For ... Read More

By Andrew Dobrov • 31 Oct 2019

Data Protection for Your Azure Cloud-Native & Hybrid Cloud Workloads

Do you remember the days of client/server and Windows NT? Maybe I’m dating myself. How about when we started to ... Read More

By Douglas Ko • 30 Oct 2019

Secure Office 365 backups with OAuth 2.0

Security is paramount for Office 365 as it evolves to be the backbone for collaboration for organizations of all sizes. ... Read More

By Mayank Joshi • 29 Oct 2019

Office 365: Empowering Your Users with Self-Service Recovery

With the increasing adoption of Office 365 Exchange Online, organizations have started implementing enterprise-class data protection strategies for this important ... Read More

By Saurabh Singh • 25 Oct 2019

Transparent Data Management with Modern Storage Accounting Framework

Storage Accounting Framework is Cohesity’s answer to providing enterprise-grade transparency into data management with a next-generation user interface that presents ... Read More

By Surya Swaminathan • 22 Oct 2019

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