The Cultural Journey to the Land of Cohesity!

If you are anything like me as soon as you hear about a companies corporate "culture" you immediately begin to ... Read More

By Chad Blackwell • 6 Sep 2016

Road to VMworld – Goodbye Vegas; Next Stop, Barcelona!

It's been a whirlwind week at VMworld for the Cohesity team: We kicked-off VMworld with lines around the booth the ... Read More

By Mike Kim • 2 Sep 2016

A Day to Remember

Day 4 was even busier than the first three days combined at the Cohesity booth! We brought even more crowds ... Read More

By Linda Sim • 1 Sep 2016

Cohesity Adventure at VMworld Continues with Day 3

We are more than half-way through VMworld and I can only summarize the experience as WOW! Here is a recap ... Read More

By Mike Kim • 31 Aug 2016

Cohesity Adventure at VMworld – Let the fun begin!

VMworld is an amazing event with over 20,000+ attendees. Each year, this event brings something new and different than the ... Read More

By Linda Sim • 30 Aug 2016

Road to VMworld – Arrival

For those who have ever driven into Las Vegas, you know the drill; you stare at miles of empty desert ... Read More

By Mike Kim • 26 Aug 2016
Secondary Storage

Cohesity and VMware: Don’t Miss Our Joint Solutions with VSAN and vRealize Automation at VMworld

If you’re up to speed with what VMware has done in the world of primary storage over the past few ... Read More

By Gaetan Castlelein • 24 Aug 2016

Protecting SQL Server Using Cohesity

SQL Server is one of the most popular database engines in use today, and commonly hosts mission critical workloads. As ... Read More

By Brien Posey • 23 Aug 2016

Top Reasons to Rethink your Data Domain Investment

Users tell me that they allocate significant portions of their budget for Data Domain appliances, and would like to get ... Read More

By Joe Putti • 18 Aug 2016

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