Secondary Storage

Cohesity – what is the big deal

September 1st I will join Cohesity as a Systems Engineer covering the Nordic Region in Europe. When I was looking ... Read More

By Frank Pedersen • 15 Aug 2016

Backup Assistance: Please Go to Gate Cohesity Powered by SnapTree

It was the 20th of July when I saw the following message on while looking to book a ticket ... Read More

By Sai Mukundan • 11 Aug 2016
Secondary Storage

Archiving Data to Tape

Cohesity offers a hyperconverged platform onto which customers can consolidate their secondary storage workflows. The platform has rich set of ... Read More

By Praveen Yarlagadda • 9 Aug 2016

Intern Insights: Beginning the Journey at Cohesity

Every company offers an internship program — it's an opportunity for students to build out their experience, learn, and network. ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 4 Aug 2016

Be Humble and Keep Learning – My Journey on Expanding to New Geos

Working at a startup can be a very humbling experience for anyone and especially for those who moves from the ... Read More

By Greg Statton • 2 Aug 2016

Physical Windows Servers Protection

Many workloads in the data center are virtualized, but there are many critical workloads that still leverage physical infrastructure. Enterprise ... Read More

By Joe Putti • 28 Jul 2016

Cloud and Clear: Cohesity Cloud Archival

Yep, we all agree to that! Cohesity provides a way to archive your secondary storage to the cloud or you ... Read More

By Jerome Joseph • 26 Jul 2016

Listening to Customers about Pure Storage

Early Customer Success Cohesity has literally only just begun helping enterprise customers. Our first product went GA in November 2015. ... Read More

By Zac Backlin • 21 Jul 2016

SQL Server any Point in Time Recovery

In the world of data protection, the focus is first and foremost on keeping the applications safe from data loss ... Read More

By Gaetan Castlelein • 19 Jul 2016

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