Road to VMworld – Final Stop, Barcelona!

The road to VMworld takes us to our final destination of Barcelona Spain. With an amazing stop in Las Vegas, ... Read More

By Mike Kim • 7 Oct 2016

Congrats to the 2016 VMworld Vegas Cohesity Twitter Winners

Another VMworld conference has successfully come and gone. At the Cohesity booth, we attracted thousands of attendees who won fun ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 29 Sep 2016

Choosing a Point vs. Platform Solution

As a follow up to my recent article Eliminating IT Fragmentation, Inefficiency, and Complexity, I wanted to draw attention to ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 27 Sep 2016

Replay: VMWorld Vegas 2016 SQL Adapter Demo

VMWorld Vegas 2016 was a fantastic show for us at Cohesity. Our booth had a plinko board on one side ... Read More

By Andrew McCumiskey • 21 Sep 2016

Life’s Just Better with Friends

Let’s face it, sometimes work just isn’t fun. A lot of our day-to-day tasks can be REALLY mundane. And the ... Read More

By Greg Statton • 20 Sep 2016

Why Data Backups Are Still a Pain and More Findings From Our VMworld 2016 Survey

Despite what you may have heard here, our time at VMworld 2016 wasn’t all fun and Plinko – Cohesity also ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 15 Sep 2016

How We Won and Gave Up the Best of VMworld Gold Award in a Single Week

You may have noticed that last week at VMworld 2016, TechTarget announced Cohesity as the Gold winner of the Data ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 13 Sep 2016

Eliminate IT Fragmentation, Inefficiency, and Complexity

Since my entry into the information technology sector (circa 1990’s), I have had the sincere honor and pleasure of architecting ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 13 Sep 2016

Ready to Disrupt Secondary Storage; Starting from Data Protection

What a week it was for Cohesity, packed with Cohesity’s first Worldwide Sales Kick-Off, followed by an intense VMworld. Just ... Read More

By Lorenzo Montesi • 8 Sep 2016

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