We are very excited to announce Cohesity Release 3.0 that will increase the overall performance of Cohesity DataPlaform. In this new release, we are bringing the following features to market: data protection for physical Windows and Linux servers, application aware backup and point-in-time restore for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange, orchestration and automation capabilities, and greater public cloud integration.

Since the launch of Cohesity 1.0 in 2015, customers have been using our solution to protect virtual environments. In many cases, they also have physical environments that are used for certain workloads. With the 3.0 release customers can use the backup and recovery workflow they have become accustomed to with Cohesity DataProtect in order to now protect the physical servers as well thereby resulting in greater consolidation and simplification of their data protection workflows.

Time and again we have heard – It’s the application that matters. In that regard, we have enhanced our offering in 3.0 to provide application aware backup and point-in-time restore for Microsoft applications – SQL Server, SharePoint and Exchange. Continuing with the theme of application awareness, we will also have source side deduplication to accelerate database backups. This will ensure that only unique data segments will be copied to the Cohesity platform without the need to scan the entire file system. In conjunction with REST APIs, application integration will allow customers to integrate Cohesity DataProtect with existing data center orchestration and management tools.

Our current customers such as Cvent, an event management technology company, have noted positive business impact from Cohesity. Our cloud integration in particular has opened new ways of leveraging secondary storage. Peter Cho, core infrastructure architect at Cvent sums it up well “Leveraging cloud services to help our team be more agile and efficient is a key initiative for us, which is why we’re excited about Cohesity’s cloud strategy. Their solution offers us an on-premise, hyperconverged platform for our private cloud with a complete set of public cloud integration points, including cloud archiving, tiering and remote replication, to span a range of use cases from backup to test/dev.” In this 3.0 release, we have extended the cloud functionality with granular object-level recovery from images stored in public cloud archives thereby accelerating the process and optimizing the network bandwidth for restoring specific objects from the cloud.

It is always satisfying to listen to feedback on how customers benefit from Cohesity. Another customer was able to use the integrated Cohesity data protection to recover quickly from three separate malicious security attacks on their primary storage environment. In order to provide more product value in such cases through improvements in RPO and RTO metrics, Cohesity DataPlatform 3.0 delivers increased performance to further reduce backup windows.

At Cohesity, we continue to deliver solutions for the secondary storage market and I am excited to see customers embracing our new innovations. I would be remiss if I did not recognize in this post the awesome technical talent behind this release. With a big round of applause to our comrades in engineering, here’s to 3.0 continuing the journey to pursue greater heights for the product and the company.

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