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IDC: Customers see 233% three-year ROI with Cohesity and HPE Solutions

New IDC Business Value white paper quantifies the TCO and ROI of HPE Solutions with Cohesity.

In today’s world, businesses face unprecedented challenges in protecting and managing their ever-expanding data estates. Selecting the ideal data protection software and infrastructure is a challenging task that usually involves intricate financial and capacity modeling, careful evaluation of various vendors’ strengths and weaknesses, and navigating through prolonged and demanding sales cycles.

Organizations must find the right balance between the investment needed and the time it takes to get a return on that investment (ROI). Striking this balance is where the strength of the HPE and Cohesity partnership truly shines. Our joint solution can deliver efficient data protection and management capabilities enabling you to build resilience across your data and organization.

Benefits of the joint solution

HPE and Cohesity commissioned IDC to conduct a study that would help make your buying decision easier by illustrating the tangible benefits seen by our customers before and after deploying HPE Solutions with Cohesity. The IDC white paper, The Business Value of HPE Solutions with Cohesity, dives deep into our joint solution’s financial, IT, and production benefits through customer interviews across industries and geographies.

By employing a specialized business value methodology, IDC calculates that HPE Solutions with Cohesity delivers the following benefits:

  • 233% three-year return on investment 
  • $5.8M average annual benefit
  • Six months payback period

Wait, there’s more! The IDC white paper found that the capabilities of our joint solution enabled these business value metrics. Organizations found that our solution:

  • Increased the overall efficiency of their data security teams with earlier detection and response to cyber threats.
  • Enabled greater productivity for their IT infrastructure, DevOps, and compliance teams.
  • High IT cost savings realized due to the consolidation of silos, and business productivity benefits.

IDC Chart Average Annual Benefits per Org Image

Making the case for HPE Solutions with Cohesity in your organization

45% less time to detect threats

HPE Solutions with Cohesity have been shown to cost-effectively improve the performance of security and data backup operations—reducing the time required to detect threats and attacks. Cohesity DataHawk enables the early detection of threats, assessment of the attack impact, and confidence in recovering critical data.

Interviewed customers noted that there was a significant reduction in overall risk profiles associated with security and backup operations. This early detection was a pivotal factor leading to improved security and regulatory compliance for many companies. In deploying HPE Solutions with Cohesity, interviewed organizations reported that they were able to spend significantly less time detecting and remediating threats.

“Cohesity has provided early threat detection, which is key to preventing events from occurring in our HPE environment.”

– Healthcare Organization

46% reduction in TCO

According to IDC, interviewed organizations said the solution set enabled them to drastically reduce their annualized TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) spend by consolidating tools/service providers and simplifying the management of their IT environment. These efficiencies were specifically tied to IT infrastructure team efficiencies, security and backup team efficiencies, and service provider/tool-related cost avoidance. IDC notes that businesses using HPE Solutions with Cohesity benefit from a unified data management platform that simplifies and streamlines data operations. Having better visibility rendered by a single pane of glass with Cohesity means that companies can drive cost optimization and operational efficiency from a wide-ranging and granular look at their IT infrastructure.

Cohesity’s hyperconverged architecture, combined with HPE’s industry-leading hardware platforms, enables organizations to consolidate their infrastructure, reduce hardware sprawl, and optimize resource utilization. This consolidation not only lowers capital and operational expenses but also simplifies management and maintenance, freeing up valuable IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives.

“My organization had some internal audit findings where some controls were required based on industry standards that were not in place. In looking into solutions to mitigate this, we found that there were also some financial savings and simplification from moving from our previous solution to Cohesity.”

– Insurance organization

More productivity in your day-to-day tasks

Interviewed customers appreciated the capabilities of our joint solution to provide more functionality and automation as their organization grew. They were able to manage a larger number of VMs including their operational and backup and recovery aspects with the solution. After adoption, interviewed companies said that they saw a 10% productivity boost for developers and 26% for compliance teams.

This included substantial improvements in their application development process. Companies reported that their developers were able to test applications and features with greater speed because HPE Solutions with Cohesity enabled them to quickly spin up isolated testing environments. The organizations also benefited from greater scalability, resiliency, and data availability. This helped them make better strategic business plans and increase organic growth as well as better informed M&A evaluations.

“Cyber resilience and ransomware recovery are at the top of the priority list for IT organizations. In our analysis, the HPE Solutions with Cohesity delivered impressive results across the board with not just financial benefits but also a big impact on teams’ productivity. Interviewed customers agreed that HPE Solutions with Cohesity demonstrated clear value that would be beneficial to almost any organization.”

– Phil Goodwin, Research Vice President, Infrastructure Software Platforms, Worldwide Infrastructure Research, IDC

Sleep better at night with HPE Solutions with Cohesity

While tangible benefits are very important, it is also crucial to ensure that the solution selected for your organization positively impacts the experience and satisfaction of your employees who will be using it daily. HPE Solutions with Cohesity include tightly coupled support systems and processes to ensure that if problems arise, IT teams can be assured of meeting their SLAs in solving these problems and minimizing downtime.

“My organization is more vigilant and cyber-resilient from the Cohesity and HPE package. I sleep better at night. Cyber-resiliency is a journey that we constantly need to be on top of it, but we’ve partnered with the right vendor.”

– Healthcare organization

Get this free white paper, and learn more about HPE Solutions with Cohesity, a one-stop shop for data protection and management. We are committed to helping you build a resilient organization.

About HPE Solutions with Cohesity

HPE Solutions with Cohesity provide data security and management via a highly secure infrastructure, including HPE’s secure supply chain, Silicon Root of Trust, and a cyber-resilient data management platform, the Cohesity Data Cloud. HPE Solutions with Cohesity are designed to assist organizations to protect data and apps, detect cyber threats, backup and manage data, and recover rapidly at scale, across dispersed IT environments, while immediately increasing operational efficiency, giving visibility, and enabling analytics into all data.


Written by

Joanna Paul headshot

Joanna Paul

Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Cohesity

Joanna Paul headshot

Joanna Paul

Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Cohesity

Joanna Paul leads the Cohesity | HPE Solution Marketing efforts for Cohesity. A seasoned technology marketing professional, Joanna is passionate about providing compelling value propositions and creating high value content.

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