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The proliferation of tools available for backup, disaster recovery, file and object services, and other data management services can make the evaluation of new technologies and approaches challenging. Yet not all solutions are equally efficient and effective at performing tasks. Here are four things you should keep in mind if and when your organization is considering a switch to next-gen data management.

Digital business success depends on both customers and employees having continuous access to data and being satisfied with service reliability. Only one provider, Cohesity, instantly and predictably makes a large number of virtual machines (VMs) and file and object services (NAS) data available at all times. And because many core business operations run on databases, Cohesity allows the IT staff to non-disruptively recover any size Oracle database to the original Oracle server and storage—or optionally, to somewhere else. Cohesity also uniquely empowers businesses to meet service-level agreements (SLAs) to minimize RPO with real-time auto-scheduling and maximum parallelism with advanced and granular Active Directory recovery.

Your business is increasingly likely to be a target of cybercriminals. To defend your data against this ever-evolving form of malware that encrypts files on devices, rendering both files and systems unusable, requires a defense-in-depth data management approach. Unlike other solutions, Cohesity features data and platform security that reduces your attack surface and automates protections, minimizing your legal and compliance risk.

  • Avoid accidentally restoring vulnerable VMs back onto your IT production environment; scan for vulnerabilities prior to restore.
  • Protect your backups with immutable backup snapshots, DataLock (WORM), elimination of vendor-set back-door passwords, two-person concurrence workflow to protect all critical functions, role-based access control, data isolation protection, and multi-factor authentication. Detect ransomware with AI/ML intelligence that establishes patterns and automatically detects and reports anomalies, sending alerts to your smartphone.
  • Rapidly recover, if needed, with unique instant mass restore of hundreds of virtual machines, files, and objects or any size Oracle database at once—and to any point in time. Manage repair of Active Directory environments with GUI-driven granular restore and granular comparison of any backup to the current environment—a must-have for any organization that is trying to rapidly recover from a ransomware attack that compromised their Active Directory. Orchestrate rapid stand-up of recovery sandboxes for drills or ransomware response investigations.

Your data should provide your organization with a competitive advantage. Yet for too many teams, data still remains dark and unusable. Cohesity ensures all of your data is not only available but accessible for maximum reuse and value. Only Cohesity accelerates application development and testing by allowing you to tap into backup data without creating copies or additional data silos or delays, which can be further accelerated with all-flash. Cohesity also reduces your compliance exposure by allowing you to see where you have personally identified information (PII) exposed; it can reduce exposure by anonymizing the data (dta masking) before it leaves the backup to enter dev/test or analytics processes. Find previously lost data with simple Cohesity global visibility and search for both cloud workloads and on-prem and put your organization back on track to better business results.

Organizations that most effectively reallocate staff and budget to higher-value tasks win in hypercompetitive marketplaces. And one of the simplest ways to do that is to reduce the number of data silos your team must manage. Cohesity reduces infrastructure requirements with enhanced data reduction techniques, typically requiring significantly less space and licensing than other scale-out alternatives while delivering back previous staff hours with simplified operations and management of a single platform for many data management use cases (e.g., backup, archival, file and object services, DR, and more)—at scale. A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study shows Cohesity customers achieve 150% ROI over three years, recouping their investment in an average of seven months.

Data Management Truths

  • One in four Americans won’t do business with databreached companies1
  • Every 11 seconds ransomware is expected to attack a business by the end of 20212
  • 40% of IT time is spent managing and maintaining data infrastructure3

Cohesity Delivers Next-Gen Data Management

Simple to deploy and operate, Cohesity features one pricing model for all workloads and one user interface for the global management of all of your data. And because your organization shouldn’t be locked into particular hardware and software combinations, you use the same Cohesity solution as a service and self-managed software. Next-gen data management is the future of business. Ensure your future is radically simple with Cohesity.

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2Cybersecurity Ventures
3 Cohesity

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