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Manage your unstructured data intelligently, efficiently, and securely

GigaOm rates Cohesity as an ‘Outperformer’ for Enterprise Scale-Out File Systems

GigaOm Radar for Enterprise Scale-Out File Systems

In this report, GigaOm reviewed the top providers of enterprise scale-out file systems, with special consideration for flexibility, efficiency, security, and performance characteristics.

With a singular software-defined solution delivering unified file and object storage services, and comprehensive capabilities across scalability, cyber resiliency, data protection, and unstructured data management in hybrid cloud scenarios, Cohesity was ranked an outperformer.

Prioritize a modern solution to protect your valuable file data and experience multiple benefits:

  • Manage and protect volumes of file and object data with a single interface
  • Sophisticated protection capabilities, including ML-based threat detection, immutability, anti-tampering features, multifactor and quorum authentication, and more
  • Extensive features simplifying scalability, data mobility, security, governance and compliance
  • Software-defined flexibility; deploy in the data center, at the edge or in the public cloud

Access the report now to learn how to manage your unstructured data more efficiently and effectively.



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