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Break Free From The Tight Leash of Legacy Backup and Receive a Pet Kit

You need a backup solution that can simplify operations, while also being non-disruptive and cost-effective. Get ahead of the pack with a scalable, reliable, and modern data management solution from Cohesity. Our agile, cloud-native data management platform enhances protection and addresses all of today’s modern challenges, including ransomware.

Our modern solution allows you to:

  • Immediately reduce your TCO – typically 50-70%
  • Obtain near-zero RPO with Continuous Data Protection
  • Boost ransomware protection and streamline business continuity

Plus, with up to 98% reduction in data restore time and 22x reduction in data footprint, you’ll be able to spend less time managing backups, and more time with your furry officemates.

Get a “leg-up” on your legacy backup solution!

Complete the form to request a meeting with us and we’ll send you a Cohesity Pet Kit for your furry companion! It’s free – while supplies last.

Pet Kit includes:

Chew toy, Pet hair remover, Collapsible bowl, Cohesity-branded bandana

Cohesity Pet Kit

(Available while supplies last, ships to US and Canada only. Limit one per entry & household.)

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