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Migrate from StorSimple 5000-7000 to the Cohesity DataPlatform

StorSimple 5000-7000 series is reaching end of support in July 2019. Customers who are running the StorSimple 5000-7000 series can upgrade to other Azure first-party hybrid services or keep their data in Azure with Cohesity.

Cohesity enables you to migrate data from your current StorSimple 5000-7000 to the Cohesity DataPlatform and Azure. Cohesity DataPlatform is a software-defined web-scale solution that consolidates files, backups, objects, and VMs onto a single cloud-native solution. After migration to the DataPlatform, manage, protect, and provision data and apps from cloud to core through a single pane of glass.

With Cohesity, start with as few as three nodes with data residing on-premises or in the cloud. DataPlatform is built on top of Cohesity SpanFS, a distributed file system with multiprotocol support. The platform provides performance for both sequential and random IO workloads. Additionally, there is Google-like global search with automated indexing for instant wildcard searches of any VM, file, or object on-premises or in the cloud.

For more information on how to migrate, complete the form and a Cohesity expert will contact you within 1 business day.

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