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Data Protection and Cyber Insurance

Why You Need Both for Ransomware Recovery

Cyber Insurance and Data Protection — Critical and Complementary

By the end of Q3’20, the U.S. saw a 139% year-over-year increase in ransomware attacks

How can you best prepare for, prevent, and mitigate a cyber event given this skyrocketing growth? 

You might think that you only need cyber insurance. Or data protection. But it’s not an either-or proposition.

It’s best to have both. 

Data protection and cyber insurance should work together, hand in hand. 

Watch Cohesity and Graham Company in this webcast and learn how to:

  • Safeguard against cyber events before they occur  
  • Examine the four critical areas of cyber policies — cyber event, ransomware request, business interruption, and third-party liability 
  • Consider the total scope of protecting your data

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from our experts about how to best protect your assets.


Chris Colotti Image

Chris Colotti
Field Chief Technology Officer

Mike McIntire

Mike McIntire
Chief Technology Officer
Graham Company

Margaux Weinraub

Margaux Weinraub
Cyber Practice Leader
Graham Company

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