How an Intelligent Ransomware Recovery Strategy Help You Stay Ahead of Cyberthreats

Confidently deliver a cyber-resilient solution to combat the evolving threat of ransomware

As ransomware attacks continue to rise, IT teams and businesses are dealing with the pressure of mitigating downtime, securing compromised data, and dealing with exorbitant recovery fees. Further compounding the issue are decreased operational efficiency, low employee morale, and consumer confidence.

Comprehensive ransomware recovery must be a top strategic priority.  

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring ESG analyst Vinny Choinski and subject matter experts from Cohesity and Wipro to learn what’s needed for a future-ready comprehensive ransomware recovery strategy. Featuring new insights on end-to-end and turnkey approaches from an exclusive ESG and Cohesity report, you’ll learn:

  • Why organizations may struggle to deliver solid cyber-resiliency strategies?
  • What capabilities are a critical component of ransomware recovery solutions?
  • Which cybersecurity skills are crucial for effectiveness?
  • How organizations can save costs and boost ROI?

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Vinny Choinski

Vinny Choinski
Senior Analyst

Mayur Shah

Mayur Shah
Global head - Data Center and Software Defined Everything

Nikitha Omkar

Nikitha Omkar
Senior Product Manager

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