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DMaaS Demo Day – FortKnox/Vault (EMEA)

Combatting ransomware with FortKnox/Vault

Data isolation as a service is a critical countermeasure for global organizations looking to ensure the security and protection of their data.

Amid ransomware attacks and geo-political unrest, organizations need to ensure that they can protect, detect, and recover from the extreme outcomes of cyberattacks.

We will review how Cohesity FortKnox protects your business from sophisticated and ever-evolving ransomware attacks. Also:

  • See how to build off-site data isolation through the Cohesity SaaS offering
  • Discover the different layers of security to safeguard data
  • Learn how the Quorum controls recovery from the cloud vault

Improve your cyber resiliency with an additional layer of security against ransomware. Isolate your data and recover confidently with quick, granular recovery back to any location.

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