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Bring compute to data

Data in legacy backup infrastructure is fragmented and dark. Instead of multiple copies and shipping data around, bring compute to the data and run Cohesity as well as third-party applications on DataPlatform.

Radical simplification

Learn how Cohesity simplifies backup infrastructure and lets you derive business insights from your data for security, compliance, analytics and other business requirements.

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Make data productive

Applications can access and use the data within each node of the cluster providing you with visibility and deep insights into data that was previously dark. Search for sensitive information to assist with compliance, or run deep analytics with Splunk. arrowVisit Marketplace

Discover and deploy prebuilt apps

Access multiple business-critical applications through our one-stop Marketplace. Categories include:

  • Security, compliance, data analytics, eDiscovery, Cyber Exposure and more

Faster custom apps

Develop innovative applications for data that was previously inaccessible and dark. Accelerate development and deployment with our easy to use software development kit and API documentation.

Bringing applications to the data, versus data to the applications, helps enterprises increase data intelligence and reduce infrastructure sprawl that contributes to the problem of data silos and mass data fragmentation

Christophe Bertrand, Senior Analyst

Make your data productive today.

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