Limitations of Cassandra Snapshots for Backup and Recovery

Snapshots are a common approach to Cassandra backup and recovery, or restore. Teams using them should know Cohesity overcomes some significant limitations. Read More

By Jay Desai • 29 Jan 2020

Data Backup and Recovery Challenges With Cassandra Snapshots

Using Cassandra snapshots for backup and recovery has traditionally been time consuming & error prone. Cohesity has a simpler approach to data protection. Read More

By Jay Desai • 18 Jun 2020

Data Protection Challenges With NoSQL Databases

With the growing popularity of NoSQL databases—such as Cassandra, Couchbase, and MongoDB—organizations are generally comfortable running large-scale, mission-critical applications in production. Most of these applications are key to business success,… Read More

By Jay Desai • 23 Jul 2020

Leading Tech Company Mirroring and Protecting Cassandra Databases in the Cloud

This is a customer case study about a tech company using Cohesity to protect its critical customer data assets stored in Cassandra databases in the cloud and to enable rapid… Read More

By Jay Desai • 3 Mar 2020

Comprehensive Backup and Recovery for NoSQL and Hadoop

Cohesity is the only enterprise-grade data protection solution that tackles the hardest problems in distributed database protection – scalability, dynamism, and consistency – for all leading NoSQL and Hadoop distributions. Read More

By Srini Sekaran • 6 Jun 2019

Stop Making Data Management Trade-Offs—Try Heterogeneous Clusters

This is Part II in our heterogeneity article series. Many of us are familiar with the Iron Triangle of project management—the concept that three factors constrain the quality of a… Read More

By Sanjeev Desai • 6 Oct 2020

Simplifying Protection of Modern Workloads

Cohesity's distributed, scale-out architecture supports evolving business requirements and makes backup data productive for apps development, analytics, and meeting security and compliance requirements. Read More

By Raj Dutt • 8 May 2019

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