Long-Term Retention and Archival

Meet complex compliance and regulatory requirements.

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Higher cost of data retention

To meet evolving compliance and regulatory requirements, enterprises are retaining large data sets for a longer duration that is expensive and complex to manage.

Long-term retention and archival

Simplify long-term retention with a single, policy-based solution to automatically move backed up data to archive, in the public cloud or tape libraries.

Flexible and cost effective

Archive data to multiple targets, including public and private clouds, any S3-compatible device and QStar managed tape libraries.

Easy data access

Fast, wild-card search makes it easy to locate and near-instantaneously restore archived data in the public cloud.

Rapid recovery

Recover individual VMs, restore files to source VMs, and recover individual application objects.

Lower TCO

True global variable-length deduplication and compression in the cloud significantly reduce cost of cloud storage.

Seamless data mobility

Achieve operational efficiency and SLAs with Cohesity’s policy-based automated data mobility.

Snapshot archiving

Archive older local snapshots in the Cohesity cluster on-premises to the public cloud for long-term retention.

Auto data retention

Automated policy-based data retention to the public cloud or tape as an archive target with desired retention periods.

Appliance integration

Integrate with Azure Data box and similar appliances to easily transfer large amounts of data to the public cloud.

3 Reasons to Move Long-Term Retention to the Cloud

Growing amounts of data coupled with changing business and compliance requirements have companies worldwide rethinking long-term retention (LTR) strategies. Legacy archiving products — namely tape and magnetic disk — are costly, risky, and have slow recovery times. As you consider your next LTR investment, consider choosing a modern, cloud-native solution for archiving data long term.

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