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A New Approach to an Old Problem

Mass data fragmentation is threatening IT efficiency. With a growing patchwork of siloed infrastructure and apps for secondary operations such as backup, archiving, file storage and analytics, your operations are becoming too complex, your service levels unpredictable, and your levels of cost and risk unsustainable.

Replace decades of complex infrastructure with Cohesity. Our platform’s Google-like simplicity and scale help you collapse IT silos and manage all your secondary data and apps on a single software-defined platform.


Multiple different components, low interoperability, hard to manage SLAs


Low utilization and sharing, multiple data copies, costly upgrades


‘Dark’ data limits analytics, increases potential compliance risk, fines


Single platform for all workloads, single UI, easy to set and manage SLAs via policy


Global resource sharing, single copy of data, easy non-disruptive expansion


Google-like global search, custom queries, real-time operational metrics

How We Do It

We brought web-scale design principles to an area of IT that hasn’t seen innovation in decades, starting with a third-generation hyperconverged software platform and a patented distributed file system specifically optimized to address the needs of secondary data.

  • All secondary workloads, apps, and data
  • Single point of management control
  • Up to 70% lower TCO than traditional silos
Distributed File System
  • Multiprotocol (NFS, SMB, S/3, iSCSI)
  • Global deduplication, indexing & search
  • Unlimited zero-cost clones and snapshots
Software Defined
  • Unlimited scale-out performance & capacity
  • Global resource efficiency, self-healing
  • Pay as you grow incremental investment
Native Cloud Integration
  • AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, any S/3
  • Data tiering, replication, archive, backup, test/dev
  • Managed from same UI as on-premises
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The Cohesity Advantage

Cohesity consolidates complex legacy infrastructure onto a single platform that’s optimized to manage secondary data and applications at web scale. Now you can easily protect, access and control your data in one place, across clouds, data centers or remote offices at a significant cost saving compared to traditional alternatives.

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Simplify Management

Control all secondary operations through a single GUI and simple policies

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Reduce TCO

Replace expensive siloed infrastructure with pay-as-you-grow ease

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Mitigate Business Risk

Ensure data compliance and resilience to failure

Simplify Management

Today, managing secondary data operations - such as backups, archiving, test/dev and analytics - is complex, inefficient and expensive. Cohesity solves this problem by consolidating these different workloads and data onto a single scalable platform with a simple GUI and policies, that offers greater control and reliability with less operational overhead.

The Cohesity design allows the full range of platform capabilities to be applied consistently across your entire environment including data centers, remote offices, private and public clouds, simplifying management still further.

Reduce TCO

Traditional infrastructure can lead to poor optimization and unnecessarily high operational and capital costs, since resources are not typically shared across silos. Inefficient use of storage, multiple copies and fork-lift upgrades can all contribute to greater expense.

By contrast, the Cohesity approach removes all silos and copies, optimizes storage, minimizes manual effort and allows easy modular expansion. Up to 80% savings in TCO have been reported using Cohesity for backup & recovery compared to traditional solutions.

Mitigate Business Risk

Another downside of data sprawl is the lack of global visibility: most IT teams cannot say for sure where all their unstructured data is, who owns it or what it contains. With Cohesity, since all data is managed centrally and indexed automatically, we can shine a light on previously ’dark data’ and give you full visibility and control over regulated information or malicious behavior. You can even conduct Google-like searches across your entire data estate.

The platform is also highly resilient to failure, and can quickly roll back to a ‘safe’ state in the event of a malware or ransomware attack, further reducing the risk of downtime and reputation damage.

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By 2021, more than 80% of enterprise data will be stored in scale-out storage systems.

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