What We Do

We believe that simplicity is the foundation of modern data management. Our mission is to radically simplify how organizations manage their data and unlock limitless value.

Begin with Backup

Your data is a uniquely valuable asset to the business, but first, it needs to be protected and available at all times. With the Cohesity platform, you can ensure continuity and repurpose your data for additional value. Start by eliminating infrastructure silos to remove cost and complexity, then do more with your data through value-added apps and services.

The Industry’s First Comprehensive Multicloud Platform for Data Management Services

Cohesity eliminates mass data fragmentation by consolidating silos onto a single, easy-to-manage software-defined platform. It hosts enterprise-class services including backup and recovery, file shares, object stores, DR, dev/test provisioning, and analytics.


How We Do It

We use hyperscale design principles to revolutionize an area of IT that hasn’t seen innovation in decades.

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GigaOm Radar for Unstructured Data Management

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Understanding the Cohesity Architecture

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The Total Economic Impact of Cohesity

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The Essential Guide to Modern Data Management

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MegaFile: Faster Backups and Restores for Large Files

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