The M365 Data Protection Reality Check

This year over 70% of enterprises are expected to run their business on SaaS applications. In fact, M365 is the ... Read More

By Theresa Miller • 30 Jun 2020

Guaranteed Capacity Efficiency: Announcing the Less-Is-More Guarantee

Accounting for more than 80 percent of all data generated, unstructured data management has moved away from an esoteric discussion ... Read More

By Srini Sekaran • 24 Jun 2020

Data Backup and Recovery Challenges With Cassandra Snapshots

In a previous post, I described some of the storage amplification and management overhead challenges of using Cassandra database snapshots ... Read More

By Jay Desai • 18 Jun 2020

Simplify Data Management with Cohesity DataPlatform and Helios

Most IT modernization efforts are either directly or indirectly initiated to address the operational complexity caused by a legacy technology ... Read More

By Raj Dutt • 18 Jun 2020

Introducing Pay-per-Use: Consumption-based Subscription for Cohesity Service Provider Partners

With their massive reach, deep customer intimacy, and multi-cloud expertise, service providers are key strategic partners for Cohesity, entrusted with ... Read More

By Ari Paul • 16 Jun 2020

The Cohesity Circuit Track Walk

As we all know, our world of events has changed significantly this year. We’ve been thrown into the abyss of ... Read More

By Chris Colotti • 15 Jun 2020

The Ripple Effect of TCO Reduction

In an effort to improve ROI, agility, and key performance metrics, organizations are increasingly cognizant of IT infrastructure costs. The ... Read More

By Srini Sekaran • 11 Jun 2020

Consolidating Mainframe Data with Cohesity DataPlatform and Model9

Consolidating yet another data silo - mainframe - with Cohesity DataPlatform and Model9  From the outset, Cohesity has been laser-focused ... Read More

By Ari Paul • 9 Jun 2020

The Four Immutable Laws of Data Reduction

Cost is always a factor in deploying and managing scale-out NAS. Recent health and economic events have made cost efficiencies ... Read More

By John Har • 29 May 2020

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