Improving Data Protection with Cohesity Pegasus 6.2 Across a Wide Range of Workloads

Cohesity’s software-defined approach enables us to rapidly deliver new innovation, allowing our customers to modernize their infrastructure and derive more ... Read More

By Christian Paulus • 14 Feb 2019

Cohesity is Protecting Backup Data Against Ransomware and Customers Approve

Our recent announcement about combating ransomware has struck a nerve - a good nerve! It seems the idea of being ... Read More

By Team Cohesity • 13 Feb 2019

Why Enterprises Need Great Backups: Office 365 Exchange Online Edition

During my series of posts from the real world technical trenches, we have learned that it’s important to always be ... Read More

By Theresa Miller • 8 Feb 2019

Making Hybrid Cloud Architectures Central to Data Center Transformation

Cloud is top of mind for enterprises today. Many organizations have been looking to incorporate the public cloud into their ... Read More

By Sameer Nori • 6 Feb 2019

Leveraging Azure Active Directory Domain Services with Cohesity Cloud Edition

We have seen over the last number of years more people moving to a cloud-first, or even cloud-only strategy. People ... Read More

By Chris Colotti • 31 Jan 2019

Complete Infrastructure Agility: Integration with Cisco HyperFlex

Hyperconvergence enables agility by bringing together different data center resources, eliminating silos in the process. In other words, infrastructure bottlenecks ... Read More

By Srini Sekaran • 29 Jan 2019

Hyperconverged meets Hyperconverged at Cisco Live in Barcelona

Data today has become so fragmented across different locations, infrastructure silos, and management systems that it’s nearly impossible for enterprises ... Read More

By Nathan Antons • 24 Jan 2019

Guarding Against Ransomware Requires More Than Just Detection

Technology continues to evolve and so have the criminal actors behind ransomware attacks, which are among the biggest online security ... Read More

By Raj Dutt • 23 Jan 2019

Using Cohesity’s SaaS-based Helios to Manage Clusters from Anywhere

By Dan Frith I’ve been using Cohesity’s Helios platform to manage Cohesity assets in our lab for a few months ... Read More

By Guest Blogger • 18 Jan 2019

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