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Cohesity Gaia is available now

Our AI-powered enterprise search assistant brings retrieval augmented generation and LLMs to high-quality backup data.

We are pleased to announce that Cohesity Gaia is now generally available.

Cohesity Gaia is a first-to-market AI-powered enterprise search assistant that brings retrieval augmented generation (RAG) AI and large language models (LLMs) to high-quality backup data stored in the Cohesity Data Cloud.

Organizations use Cohesity Gaia to “have a conversation with their data” (see webinar above) which leads to smarter, faster business decisions.

Furthering Cohesity’s mission

Our mission is simple: To protect, secure, and provide insights into the world’s data. The largest organizations around the globe rely on us to strengthen their business resilience. Cohesity protects the world’s most critical data workloads and gives organizations a simple way to secure and manage their data across on-premises, cloud-native, and SaaS workloads. With Cohesity Gaia, we’re delivering a new world of insights.

These AI advancements transform data into knowledge and can help accelerate the goals of an organization while keeping data secure and compliant.

The conversational AI assistant enables users to ask questions and receive answers by accessing and analyzing their vast pools of enterprise data. Cohesity Gaia can help organizations make better, faster decisions across a myriad of use cases, such as:

  • Assessing an organization’s level of cyber resilience.
  • To quickly perform financial and compliance audit checks.
  • To answer complex questions.
  • To serve as a knowledge base to transfer information across projects, departments, or even train new employees.

How Cohesity Gaia works:

As Arthur C. Clarke once wrote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” That describes Cohesity Gaia and RAG technologies in general. Here’s how it works.

1. First, we index your data in a very specific way.

  • Data: Connect your data to Cohesity Gaia from Cohesity-managed backups. Initially, Cohesity Gaia supports M365 and OneDrive data that’s protected within Cohesity Data Cloud. (More data sources and targets will be available with future releases.)
  • AI processing and indexing: Cohesity Gaia vectorizes the data, creating a baseline for answering questions on your enterprise data. Cohesity stores the generated vectors in a specialized database optimized for dimensional vector search to provide more contextual-rich responses.

2. Then, we generate the answer.

  • Use Cohesity Gaia for seamless RAG AI search experiences: When users ask business questions within Cohesity Gaia, Cohesity uses RAG AI to increase the accuracy of answers by passing relevant retrieved data as context to foundation models. Azure OpenAI LLM is supported today. Other LLMs will be added over time.
  • Contextually-rich answers: Cohesity Gaia delivers generative answers and insights based on questions and your enterprise data.

Use cases: See Cohesity Gaia in action

To help illustrate some of the scenarios in which Cohesity Gaia offers breakthrough insights, watch the video below.

Why Cohesity Gaia must be a key part of your enterprise AI strategy

Every organization is developing an AI strategy, and a roadmap of investment priorities. Cohesity Gaia should be on your list of projects for many reasons.

  • Cohesity Gaia brings the power of retrieval augmented generation (RAG) AI to your data.
  • An integrated user experience, built directly into Cohesity Data Cloud. There’s no engineering work for you to do. We make it easy to safely and securely use AI models on your enterprise data.

Early adopter feedback has been incredibly positive. Organizations use Cohesity Gaia to:

  • Gain deeper insights based on their backup data.
  • Create value, learnings, and insights for the whole company from your backup data.
  • Reduce time to action with deep insights from your data.

What’s it like to test Cohesity Gaia? Watch the video below to hear for yourself.

Take the next step—get started with Cohesity Gaia today

If you’re a Cohesity customer, you can get started with Cohesity Gaia today. Simply reach out to your account team.

New to Cohesity? Check out our Cohesity Gaia pages, and read our new whitepaper “Cohesity Gaia: An executive’s guide to accelerating enterprise AI with retrieval augmented generation and secondary data.”

To try Cohesity Gaia for yourself, get pre-qualified for our full featured 30-day trial.

Watch videos from our Cohesity Gaia event

Written by

Marc Mombourquette Headshot

Marc V Mombourquette

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Marc Mombourquette Headshot

Marc V Mombourquette

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Marc is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with Cohesity, having spent the past 29 years in product management, marketing, and sales across multiple companies–from innovative startups to well-established industry leaders. Marc’s specialty focuses on data protection, cloud, cyber security, and AI/ML technologies.

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