How Enterprises Put Their Data to Work with Cohesity

Data continues to skyrocket in both volume and importance across enterprises. While most of our customers initially choose Cohesity to ... Read More

By Ari Paul • 4 Aug 2020

Modern Times Call for Modern Solutions

The annual rite of passage is here again — the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions. ... Read More

By Lynn Lucas • 30 Jul 2020

Simplifying Global Data Management for Better Business Insights and Outcomes

Hodgepodge. Patchwork quilt. Dizzying array. These are all ways to describe the state of today’s data management. IT infrastructure has ... Read More

By Raj Dutt • 29 Jul 2020

Data Protection Challenges With NoSQL Databases

With the growing popularity of NoSQL databases—such as Cassandra, Couchbase, and MongoDB—organizations are generally comfortable running large-scale, mission-critical applications in ... Read More

By Jay Desai • 23 Jul 2020
Service Provider Solutions

Adopt an -aaS Mindset for Data with Cohesity-Powered Service Providers

As the pace of business increases, it’s critical for organizations to continuously innovate, and innovate faster. To support this goal, ... Read More

By Nikitha Omkar • 21 Jul 2020

Recovering from a Data Disaster with Cohesity

Data disaster planning is an enterprise initiative that can stall quickly. In my experience these projects often become sidelined due ... Read More

By Theresa Miller • 10 Jul 2020

The M365 Data Protection Reality Check

This year over 70% of enterprises are expected to run their business on SaaS applications. In fact, M365 is the ... Read More

By Theresa Miller • 30 Jun 2020

Guaranteed Capacity Efficiency: Announcing the Less-Is-More Guarantee

Accounting for more than 80 percent of all data generated, unstructured data management has moved away from an esoteric discussion ... Read More

By Srini Sekaran • 24 Jun 2020

Data Backup and Recovery Challenges With Cassandra Snapshots

In a previous post, I described some of the storage amplification and management overhead challenges of using Cassandra database snapshots ... Read More

By Jay Desai • 18 Jun 2020

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