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Analyst reports highlight the strength of Cohesity’s multi-use platform

Check out these reports

If you’re looking for a single unified platform to manage data for a wide variety of solutions in the cloud or on-premises, we have you covered with the Cohesity Helios platform. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what the analysts have to say.

We have received many accolades for what perhaps we are best known for today: enterprise class data protection1. Our point of view, validated by our customers, has always been that there is more to data management than just being great at backup and recovery—it is about building a data management platform that works harder and smarter for you. So, we are honored to have been named a Visionary in this year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage.

The challenge facing many organizations is how to go about protecting, and managing, all of their data when each data source has different methods for access that make unified data security and management nearly impossible to achieve. And, with today’s work anywhere environments, risk reduction from cyber threats such as ransomware, add to the complexity to provide a reduced RTO (recovery time objective).

A proven first step for many IT executives when planning to move away from legacy infrastructure and retire technical debt is to review reports with insights from leading analysts to compile a shortlist of vendors worthy of consideration for overcoming current obstacles and helping their organization modernize to meet future needs.

Over the past year, top industry analyst research firms have been carefully considering vendor-provided product details as well as customer feedback in the context of the evolving data center and cloud infrastructure market. Their stringent evaluation of a variety of products and services across several classes of technology has validated Cohesity’s unique ability to address several data management use cases from a single platform. The following are only 6 of 14 analyst reports for which Cohesity participated and was highly placed:

Analyst Report Highlights

The consistently strong showing across a range of different reports affirms the value of Cohesity’s comprehensive and coherent data protection strategy.  Far from a “one trick pony,” we serve a broader set of needs as a data management platform. These are among the highlights:

  • Cyber resiliency capabilities – Cohesity delivers AI/ML-based anomaly detection that can play a key role in the early detection of attacks based on data changes against normal patterns; immutable snapshots; strong multifactor and quorum authentication (MFA); and the Cohesity FortKnox secure isolated data vault solution (one of Cohesity’s Helios SaaS offerings).
  • Disaster recovery orchestration via Cohesity SiteContinuityCohesity simplifies backup, with continuous data protection, and automated failover and fallback orchestration with a unified policy engine.
  • Balanced workload coverage in hybrid cloud scenarios – Cohesity supports workloads from Microsoft 365, AWS EC2 and AWS RDS, databases such as Oracle, SQL, SAP, NoSQL, virtual environments, physical servers, and NAS systems.
  • Comprehensive analytics engine – The predictive capacity modeling and alerting in Cohesity is based on historical trends. It provides the ability to perform simulations using Cohesity learning models, which allow administrators to perform analysis around sensitivity favors for business and workload scenarios.
  • Exceptional consumption choice – Cohesity provides flexibility to customers with mix-and-match on-premises and Helios SaaS offerings— all managed from a single interface.
  • Unified File and Object Solution – Access files and objects simultaneously using a single solution. Native API’s include SMB, NFS and S3. Files written using SMB or NFS can also be accessed using S3.
  • Massive Scale – The Helios platform allows easy consolidation of multiple unstructured data workloads across multiple use cases, which improves administrative productivity and workforce efficiency, while drastically lowering total cost of ownership.
  • Data Reduction – Data is deduplicated across storage volumes and application silos across the data center. Global file-level, cross-volume deduplication and advanced compression technology deliver dramatic capacity savings compared to traditional alternatives, which translates to lower costs for physical storage, a smaller footprint, lower energy consumption and easier management. SmartFiles has also been specially optimized to efficiently manage volumes of small files.
  • Unified and simplified management — Ease of administration is provided with centralized management of multiple Cohesity environments. These include self-managed and Cohesity-managed BaaS operations activities such as backup, ransomware detection/alerts and disaster recovery. Efficiency of scale is available without the need for added backup servers, multiple proxies or separate hardware, and optimizations of deduplication, global search and efficient restore resonate with customers.

At Cohesity, we are proud of the recognition our data protection and data management capabilities have earned in these reports.

In contrast to legacy approaches—which often entail attempting to manage a vast array of point products that are siloed and don’t integrate—Cohesity consolidates multiple data services on one, easy-to-manage multicloud platform (Cohesity Helios). These services include (but are definitely not limited to) Cohesity DataProtect for backup and recovery, Cohesity FortKnox for modern data isolation, Cohesity SmartFiles for managing files and objects, and Cohesity SiteContinuity for disaster recovery (DR), data security, and analytics.

From one interface, teams can gain visibility into their data wherever it resides—in the data center, at edge locations, and in the cloud—so they can better protect, manage, and if required, rapidly recover large volumes of data. This approach can also help reduce infrastructure costs. Cohesity delivers exceptional flexibility and choice that helps reduce, RTO and RPO, as well as lowering the TCO and increasing overall efficiency.

Legacy products and approaches to data management are outdated. They’re not only complex and risky, they’re unintelligent and closed. That’s why you and your organization require a whole new approach to support digital business in the multicloud, multiuse case era.

Don’t take our word for it, get the details

Leading industry analysts see the value in the Cohesity approach to data security and data management, as do our customers.

Whether you are just thinking through product features and options, on the hunt for a modern alternative to a legacy product. Or considering transitioning to a solution that will transform your data into a renewable resource and provide a unique competitive edge, take the time to review the analyst reports. You owe it to yourself (and your business) to learn more about data security and data management, and Cohesity’s take on it.

Download the full reports and learn more about the Cohesity approach to data security and data management.

1Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions, Gartner, July 2022

Written by

Lance Boley

Lance Boley

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Lance Boley

Lance Boley

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Lance has more than 20 years of IT experience in storage, virtualization, cloud, and data protection. He has worked as a professional services consultant, system engineer, evangelist, and product marketer. He enjoys talking about technology in a simple but detailed way that is consumable.

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